Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Friend

Five Minute Friday 

This week's 5 Minute Friday topic is "Friend."  We have 5 minutes to write the first thing that comes into our  mind when we hear the word - unscripted, unedited, and real. Here goes.


I was 19 years old and at a college retreat feeling alone.  Everybody seemed to know someone, and I felt a bit like an outsider.  She saw me sitting on the couch and made herself comfortable next to me.  She started asking me about my life, my family, and my dreams. We realized we had so much in common that God must have brought us together.

It is now 17 years later.  We talk, text or communicate almost daily.  She gives me a look and I know what it means.  She wells up with tears and my eyes well up too.  We have our share of inside jokes that make us laugh until we cry.  We have loved, we have lived, we have mourned, we have struggled - through joys and triumphs, through pain and heartache.

I cannot imagine my life without her.  As opposites, we challenge each other, we sharpen each other - because we know the potential that each of us has.  We won't let the other one fall.

She is my friend, a gift from God to me. He knew what I needed that day when I was 19, and He knows what I need now.  I am so thankful for her.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Apologies

This morning I clicked on a video by Michael Hyatt called "3 Blogging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Traffic."  BAM! I was hit by the first mistake - inconsistent posting.  Yep! That's me!  When life gets busy, my blog takes a backseat.  Last month I promised that each month on the 15th I would bring you a blogger interview. My first interview with Christin Slade was so fun to do, and I learned so much about her, that I decided I wanted to do one each month.  Yet weeks went by and I forgot about it!  Then I remembered, and could not decide who to interview!  So rest assured, I have been working on that and the post will be here shortly.

In other news, as you are well aware, our nation has been hit by another string of tragedies this past week.  From the bombings in Boston, to serious flooding in the midwest, to the factory explosion in Texas, it's almost impossible not to know someone in one of these areas. My heart has been heavy the past few days.  My heart is heavy not only for the victims of these tragedies, but by the response to them as well.  Instead of really praying, we hurl out reasons why these things happened that are not helpful.  The worst responses I have seen have been from fellow Christians, quoting Scriptures about the end times and prophecies and how we've left God out of our government and "this is why!"

Those responses are not helpful.  They are not loving. They are insensitive and pointing-fingers-in-victim's-faces.  What is wrong with us that instead of mourning with those who mourn, we launch into diatribes about why this is happening?  It's why I refuse to listen to talk radio, watch cable news programs with commentary, or participate in these kinds of conversations. One of the best blogs I read on this topic was my friend Don's blog post called "Terrorized" where he says we have been caught up in the sensationalism of it all:  " I’m sickened by those who in one breath tell us that they are 'praying for Sandy Hook or Boston' and then quickly turn to Twitter for the latest body count and rumors."

I admit that I have been one of those people who has gotten caught up in the sensationalism of it all - and isn't it partly because we are bored with our own lives?  It feels good to be connected with the rest of the world in some way?  But then we spend more time in the news than we do in the Word, and more time calling our friends than truly calling on the One we need to.

I'm not saying the news is bad, or we shouldn't be informed of the latest updates. But where is our heart in all of this?  Do we really care, or are we just pretending to?  Because if we really care, then let's check how we are spending our time, and spend more time praying for them than reading about them.

Please share your thoughts on this - how do you balance staying informed with not getting wrapped up in the sensationalism of each event?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Winner! Winner!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by from the Ultimate Blog Party '13, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom!  I am slowly getting to all of your blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds. I can't wait to learn more about each of you who stopped by.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ultimate Blog Party '13 - WELCOME!

Welcome!  If you are visiting from 5 Minutes for Mom's "Ultimate Blog Party," I am so happy you have stopped by!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013 

This blog is for you, whether you are a fun mom, a messy mom, a tired mom, an overwhelmed mom, or the mom who has spit-up in her hair and old oatmeal on her clothes, because I have been there.  My desire is that this blog would encourage you and minister to your heart.  But even if you aren't a mom, you will find fun information here too!  I love to blog about home decorating, recipes, photography, family and faith.

My two boys are 5 and 7 years old, and I have been married to my husband for almost 14 years.  My husband and I work in ministry at a church near Los Angeles, CA.  For the last two years, I have been speaking at MOPS groups and churches, as well as writing my first book, which I hope to be released later this year.

But enough about ME, this blog post is all about YOU!

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