Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Just Write"- The Re:Write Experience

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Re:Write Conference in San Diego.  As a blogger for over 6 years, I have always written as a hobby and it was literally my "therapy" as a stay-at-home mom, but I never really took it more serious than that. Blogging has connected me with so many amazing women, and I truly believe it has been a ministry for me to reach out to others.

It wasn't until last year that I started taking writing more seriously and felt like God was calling me into a season where I needed to actually focus and refine my words.  I was in a season where nothing seemed to be happening around me, doors were closing, and I felt discouraged, yet something very deep was happening inside of me.  That season led me to refining what I felt called to write about, and it was towards the end of last year that I heard about the Re:Write Conference.  I thought it would be neat to attend, but didn't think it would be a reality for me financially.

Through a series of God-events, I ended up there this weekend.  Immediately I was struck by the humility of each of the attendees. I have been to many conferences over the years and have always felt an "air of comparison."  I remember going to a church conference 3 years ago, and feeling like I didn't fit in because I wasn't dressed cool enough, and I just wasn't cool enough. Sad - right?  At a church conference.  But this one - the Re:Write Conference - was just so different.  The speakers were mulling around, meeting every attendee and genuinely interested in who we were and what we wanted to write about. They gave out their personal cell phone numbers, they encouraged us, and on the last day they HUGGED all of us like we were old friends.  Seriously?!!  These were people like George Barna, Mark Batterson, Paul Young (author of The Shack), Peter Strople, Julie Barnhill, Mary DeMuth - and the list goes on and on.  We were all just amazed at their humility and kindness to us.

Another thing that struck me was the theme of worship - almost every speaker touched on how our writing is worship to God.  Glory was being given to God over and over, and we were reminded to not find our value in our work, in whether or not we get published, but to find our value in Christ alone.  We were encouraged to write for an audience of one, to not give up, and over and over I heard the phrase "Just Write."  Do you remember my blog post where I said those were the 2 words God had spoken to my heart last year?  Just Write.  Tears came to my eyes every time I heard those words; it was as though God was reminding me "you are supposed to be here!"

I cannot even count the number of amazing people I met who have awesome books in the works. I went to the conference alone, not knowing anyone, and left with 200 new friends.  I'm not joking - these people are my friends now!  You can check out some of their blogs below.

I will write another post with the details of what the speakers talked about, but just wanted to give a quick synopsis for those who have asked about the conference.  I left more inspired than ever to continue writing and finish my book, and I'm so excited!

The next Re:Write Conference will be held in the Fall of 2013 in Austin, Texas. Start saving now and plan to go!  I hope to see you there!!

Be sure to check out these amazing writers and my new friends!

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(If you were at Re:Write and I missed mentioning you, please leave me a comment so I can add your blog!) :)


  1. I love this. It was so wonderful meeting you. Can't wait to see what God has in store.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Jaimie - I think you put into words what a lot of us felt. Here are the top takeaways for me:

  3. I've been trying to make a twitter list of everyone and I missed so many ... including YOU! How did I not get your card? It was a FABULOUS conference. I'm still reeling. Here's my site if you want to take a look: Be encouraged. God has much in store for you!

  4. It was so amazing to meet you, Jaime! You are such a genuine person, and I look forward to staying connected with you online. It was an amazing experience, and you did an excellent job of explaining why. The genuine nature of the whole conference was my favorite part, too. I am already trying to get others to plan to go next year.

    Thank you for writing this blog list out! Now, I have them in one place to search through. I'm excited to hear more about your book as your journey progresses :) (oh, and I just left you this long and rambling f-book message)

  5. So nice meeting you at Re:Write, Jaimie. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself when I had a sleeping baby on my chest. Your friendliness made me feel at home.

    Hope to run into you again at other conferences in the future.

  6. Ok, clearly I need to go next year because I keep reading about what an amazing conference it was.