Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Jaden (18 Months)

Dear Jaden,
This week you turned 18 months old. I can hardly believe that at this time last year you were only 6 months old. We had just taken pictures for Christmas. Oh, the cuteness!!

And this is you now at our latest photo session, in which you smiled little but were full of energy!

So much has happened this year in your little life. Your personality is now showing and shining in full-force. You are a charmer, that’s for sure. We are sure you will one day be the class clown. Everything goes on your head, especially when you know it will get a good laugh.

You love to make people laugh. You wave at everyone walking by, and you follow every little girl on the playground. Their moms laugh, while I giggle embarrassingly knowing that you are following in your father’s footsteps ☺

(yes, that is drool!)

You love your big brother to death. Everything that Micah does, you want to do it to, only bigger. Micah goes down the slide, you do a little dance at the top and then run down it. He runs around the room to get us to laugh, then you do it too, followed by a dramatic fall to the floor for effect.

You are also quite the mommy’s boy. You love to cuddle, and while daddy can rock you then put you back down in your crib, you’ll have none of that from me. You want me to hold you all night long, and the minute you feel me getting up, you hold on tighter and start to cry. And oh, your sad, sad cry. It’s been described by others as “the saddest cry I’ve ever heard”. You are full of drama ☺

Right now you are really into the Wiggles, and ask for it all day long. “Weebles!” you say over and over. You copy their dance moves and do a little jig when I put it on. You, just like your brother, love drum sticks. You want to take them everywhere so you can drum to the beat wherever there is one. Every day you point to the CD player so I’ll put the music on for you. You also LOVE to play outside. Your vocabulary is at about 45 words now, and just to be sure, we counted. It’s pretty amazing hearing all these little words come out of your little mouth. This week you’ve mastered “No!” and “Mine!” What fun. You also love to say "shoosh" (juice, but it also means food), "ma" for Micah, "momo" for Elmo, and "oof" for food.

And oh, the binky. We’ve tried to wean you once but then you got sick and we gave in. It’s just so cute to hear your Maggie Simpson type “suck suck” and see your attachment to it. But in the next few months, it’s going. Just warning you now.

You are a lover boy, and you love me and your daddy with all your heart. But you really love Micah so much, too. He’s your buddy. You guys laugh and giggle all the time, especially first thing in the morning and right before bed. We know you’ll be great friends growing up.

(Here is Micah playing "Peek a Boo" with you when you both woke up from a nap):

We love you, our Jaden, our baby who is growing up so fast.

Mommy & Daddy


  1. Such a sweet post Jaimie! It is amazing that last year he was just 6 mo - Owen too! They grow so fast :)

  2. Oh that brought tears to my eyes. You did such a great job of summing it all up. Now I need to write a little list to remember it all.

  3. So sweet! Miss Gracie is almost 20 months...and will be saying goodbye to her binky soon :( I dread the day! But it must come...especially before the new baby comes!