Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exciting Week

One of the things I love about Micah being in preschool is the fact that he has a party for every holiday. It makes holidays so much more exciting for him! I love making the other kids little treats and sending them with him to school as gifts for them. This is the first year he is celebrating Valentine's Day at school, so we went out and bought little Valentine's for all the kids with candy. He's really excited for tomorrow.

I'm also REALLY excited because M and I get to go out on a date Friday night! We haven't been out on a date in so long, particularly because it is so expensive to get a babysitter! I have really been wanting to go to the new Melting Pot restaurant that opened nearby, but when I called on Tuesday they said the earliest reservation they had was at 10pm! I asked if I could be put on a waiting list, and they called me tonight to say we could come at 5:15pm. BUT, if we don't show, we get charged $50 a person! No pressure! :)

This past Saturday was also really exciting for me because I got to photograph my first wedding! I don't normally photograph weddings, but I made an exception since these were really good friends. The day went perfect, and it was beautiful! It was scheduled to rain that day but the sun was shining and there was perfect weather. I loved every minute of the wedding, but my favorite parts were being with the bride when she was getting ready, and driving the newly married couple to the picture location. They had just been pronounced husband and wife about 10 minutes before we got in the car, and I felt so privileged to be with them during those first few moments together! Here is one of the pictures from that day.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Your picture is beautiful! The holidays are so fun for them in school - Ella has a blast and her sister's can't wait to start school and get in on all the fun!

    How was the Melting Pot!? did you go early or late? Hope you had fun either way!

  2. So pretty!! I love your work, it turned out very beautiful. I wish I could have flown you in to do my wedding pictures - They turned out SO bad, we were beyond disappointed.. :(
    I can't wait for Cayden to start kindergarten! I know from talking w/my sister that they have all those holiday parties as well, she's always making fun treats for the kids and stuff.. I love crafty projects, so I know I'll have so much fun w/all that!! How was the Melting pot btw??? What was it like? We have a couple here in Orlando, everyone I know LOVES it. - Can't wait to go! :)