Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pick Your Battles!

Micah continues to make us laugh with his burgeoning language skills. He thinks it's hilarious to say "Mom, pick your battles!" when I'm so frustrated with him. He overheard me say that to Martin one day in a conversation (where I said, "babe, I think we just need to pick our battles with him.") Now we hear it 2-3 times a day, despite telling him that he will get in trouble if he says it again. Yesterday he tried something different: "Pick" (waited two seconds) "Your" (waited another two seconds), and then whispered "Battles!" (hoping I wouldn't hear). I could not help but laugh at this stubborn child! Indeed, I do need to pick my battles.

Today he told Martin, "Daddy, I want to be a bad guy when I grow up." Martin said, "Why, Micah? You should be one of the good guys!" and Micah responded, "No, I want to be a bad guy. I don't like people!"

Jaden is a character, too. Lately every time he sees a picture of something or someone smiling (like Thomas the Train in ALL of his coloring books), he says "Mommy, Mommy! He's Excited!!!" And he will repeat it over and over - "He's excited! He's excited!" until I say "Yes, Jaden!! Thomas is EXCITED!!!"

Jaden also keeps telling me that a bunch of his toys are "scared." Tonight in the bath, he held up a toy and said "he's scared." And I said "Why is he scared?" and Jaden responded, "Firetruck. Too loud." Then later he held up another toy, telling me that it was scared, too, and when I asked why, he said "Daddy chase." (Martin had played "chase" with the boys in the backyard earlier). Jaden is talking all day long, and both of the boys are asking me so many questions I feel like I'm going to go crazy. If I don't acknowledge EVERY single question, they both will start screaming until I give them the answer they are looking for.

Micah continually asks me what everything we pass by is "doing." For instance: "what is that car doing?" I respond, "Um, it's sitting there, Micah." "NO, mommy! What is that car DOING?" And then I have to answer something like "Well, it's sitting there waiting for it's owner to come out of the school and drive it back home." That seems to satisfy him. My voice gets more and more sarcastic as time goes on. Micah also wants to know what everyone's name is who we pass by on the street. So, I'm continually making up names so he'll be satisfied. I have tried saying "I don't know his name, Micah!" but Noooooooooo. That is not good enough. I must say his name is "Michael Jones" or some other contrived name, or he will throw a fit until I tell him a name he is satisfied with.

Car rides have been exhausting lately, can you tell? I am being interrogated!!! I have to admit, though, this is a really funny stage that they are in.


  1. ok, so this post totally made me laugh out loud!! I am in the midst of that too! I hate to tell ya, but the questions only get HARDER! Reagan asks really smart questions that I don't always have answers for. She usually says "that's ok. we can look it up on the internet when we get home." :D ahhhh, kids today...

  2. Sometimes it's like you are writing about my life, with different names thrown in!

  3. Jaimie...this was so funny...keep 'em coming...I love reading stories about your life. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one who's going through this difficult/FUN stage!