Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Happenings

Here is what has been happening in our neck of the woods lately:

-Me. Dentist Appointment. Not a good combination. I needed 4 teeth filled (2 of them wisdom teeth). I had a hard time with the 4-6 shots the dentist gave me (I lost count), and I started tearing up, so the dental assistant sprayed a piece of Kleenex with lavendar spray and layed it over my face for a few minutes.  It immediately calmed me.  Who knew?!  (Oh yes, and now I have to go back because I seem to have an infection in one of those teeth - lovely.)

-Jaden.  Ear infection.  Double ear infection. Sinus infection.  Antibiotics.  6 nights with us in bed.  Need I say more?  Rough week.

-Micah. Ear check up.  Ears are clear of fluid and hearing is great!!!  Awesome news after having surgery 5 months ago.

-Due to Jaden's sickness, I had to cancel almost all of our "Harvest" plans all week.  But we did make it to a Harvest Party on Halloween, then a potluck, and then we trick-or-treated around our neighborhood. We have SO much candy left over, which has made for tantrums, cravings at odd times of day, and fighting.  Tomorrow it goes!!

We have a rather odd pumpkin patch near our house. Rather than try to explain, I think I'll just let the pictures speak louder than words:

Um, Ewwww, Gross:

But at least they had fun, right?

Trick or Treating

Batman and Thomas the Train had a great night!!


  1. Ew is right! That is an ODD pumpkin patch! Thankfully the kids don't seem to notice :D
    I'm headed to the dentist friday. wish me luck.

  2. Glad they had fun in the end at least! and how great that Micah's ears are clear of fluid - hope Jaden's get there soon - you've had a rough week!

  3. So sorry to hear about your long week and the ear infections - but it looks like they had fun despite it all!

  4. said, "Batman and Thomas the Train"...did you mean, Spiderman? :-) LOL...sounds like you had a rough week! I was CRACKING up at those pumpkin patch funny to have enormous stuffed animals at a pumpkin patch??? By the way, I love that bargain hunting site yout old me about...LOVE IT!!!