Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten (and other drama)

Before I get to today, let me back up to last night.

At approximately 4pm yesterday, I stepped out the back door to tell Martin some good news (which I can't remember now).  I stepped on a toy that had wheels, and the next thing I knew, I was falling in what seemed like slow motion.  My left ankle cracked loudly, I hit my opposite knee and fell on that ankle, both legs buckled underneath me and I fell backwards, hitting my head on the bottom of the screen door.  It was traumatic.  I cried a lot.  I almost threw up.  I thought I broke at least 3 bones, and asked Martin to call 911.

The scene of the accident - shoes still at the scene:
(Insert dramatic pause here)

Martin carried me inside the house and we decided not to call 911, but to attempt to drive to the hospital instead (something about a $500 co-pay scared me).  He put the boys in the car, Jaden screaming the whole way because his toy car fell out of his car seat, and we drove to the ER.  Martin said there were over 40 people in the waiting room, so we opted for Urgent Care instead.  He got me a wheelchair, and pushed me inside while holding Jaden, and Micah tagging alongside of us. We were quite the sight, me shivering and shaking (from shock or cold, I'm not sure), crying, and the boys in wonder of the whole event.  Thankfully the nurse, who told Martin it would be 2-3 hours, fit me in earlier and I was out of there within an hour and a half.

We had the weirdest doctor ever, who didn't say much after the x-rays except for, "Well, it's not broken".  I think I gave him more information about sprains than he gave me.  I ended up spraining my left ankle and right knee, and have a really sore right calf as well.  He recommended crutches and/or a wheelchair for 5-7 days, and recovery could take 6-12 weeks.

The ankle (not much to see here):

I'm so thankful for our good friend Joji, who lived around the corner and watched the boys for us during this time.  We had just run into her at McDonalds about 3 hours earlier, so she was quite surprised to get that phone call from us :)

Not exactly the way we intended Micah's "night before Kindergarten" to go, but we were home by 7pm and he was still in bed on time.

This morning went great.  Micah was SO excited, although he did NOT want his picture taken.  This is his exact same pose from last year's "first day of preschool" photos.

I'm very thankful that I was able to use a wheelchair (which we borrowed along with the crutches). We took him into the class, where he recognized 2 of his friends, and it helped that we had also taken him to meet the teacher yesterday.  We said our goodbyes and walked to the parent's assembly, and shed no tears!  I think the injury was a good diversion, actually; it was hard to focus on much else!  When we picked him up, he was all smiles and had such a good day.  He was so excited, telling us how he will get to pick a treasure from the treasure chest tomorrow if he brings back the parent folder.  All day long, he was bouncing around the house, just so happy.  It made our hearts feel good :)

As for me, I attempted to walk with crutches to pick him up (just from the car to the classroom), but since I can't use either leg, it made me exhausted.  Martin stayed home from work and I crashed for almost 3 hours. I'm so thankful for my husband who is taking care of all of us right now!

One milestone is down; next Tuesday Jaden starts preschool.  We are ready, though, because he has Micah's same preschool teacher, and Jaden has been asking for over a year to go.  It is an exciting week!


  1. oh jaimie thats terrible. praying you heal quickly!

  2. Jaimie...please don't trip on another toy next week before school starts again. I am praying that you physical and emotionally have strength to get through the first weeks of school. Use this time to rest. Love you!

  3. Still can't believe all that happened!! What a memorable first day of school :D
    Praying you heal quickly!