Friday, October 8, 2010

Home Decorating

I confess that much of our home is decorated a-la-craigslist, and we have found some great buys on there.  Our couches, for one (both for $175)...

(Oh, what's that?  Why, yes!  I did rearrange our furniture this week! Thanks for noticing!! I got a little stir-crazy with all the rain and decided to re-do our living room while Martin was at work one day) :)

We also purchased all of our baby furniture from there, which has now found new Craigslist-shopper homes.

I "window shop" Craigslist a few times a week for great deals, both in their free section, and in their furniture section.  Currently I am looking for some specific items, like a side chair for our living room, a side table for our living room, and replacing every item in our house with something different would be nice, too.  For 11 years we have had the "mission" theme going in every room, and I'm ready to at least go half and half with the mission and shabby chic themes.

In my quest to find cheap shabby chic finds online, I have found some that are accurately described as so.  I have also found some "pieces" which I will say, get named shabby chic if they are just plain old junk.  I know that shabby chic has different meanings to different people, as evidenced by the pictures below (found tonight on Craigslist):

Item #1 - Shabby Chic Bedding
TRUE or FALSE - Is this shabby chic?

TRUE!! Beautiful bedding set.

Item #2 - Shabby Chic China Cabinet
TRUE or FALSE - Is this shabby chic?

TRUE!  This would fit well in a shabby chic environment!

Item #3 - Shabby Chic Desk
TRUE or FALSE - Is this shabby chic?

The actual title is "Awesome vintage desk with 6/drawers - all wood- nice style.
Um - FALSE.  The actual definition of awesome is "inspiring awe."  Well, maybe they're right. :)

Item #4 - Shabby Chic Furniture
TRUE or FALSE - Is this shabby chic?

FALSE - pretty sure that's not Shabby Chic.

Item #5 - Shabby Chic Picture of a Bird
TRUE or FALSE - Is this shabby chic?
FALSE.  Sorry again :(

The moral of the story is, everyone has different decorating styles and different definitions of what those styles....include.  Just something I thought was funny and wanted to share :)

So, what's your favorite decorating style?  If you're not sure, take this fun decorating style quiz.  Here were my results.  Very true, although I don't keep a clean house :)  Unless you are coming over.

Your style is Classic Traditional.

You like things matching and well placed. You prefer classic colors such as navy, burgundy, forest green, and beige. You buy furniture that stands the test of time.
You don’t like trendy fads nor clutter. You keep a clean house. There are only a few knick-knacks but plenty of family photos. Traditions and family are important to you. When you entertain you invite close friends and family. You don’t like new things and are hesitant to try new colors or furniture placements.
You grew up in a very traditionally decorated home and that is what you are most comfortable with. Your decorating challenge is for you home to not be too predictable or boring. (Ah, yes, very true)

Better Homes and Gardens also has a great post about decorating styles.  I would describe my favorite as Country/Cottage.  So, what's yours?


  1. Ha! This made me laugh out loud! I have noticed the same thing on CL. Shabby chic means anything old with paint chipping off or needs refinishing apparently. :) I took that better homes and gardens quiz and it said " like an eclectic style." So NOT true. I'm just fickle. :D

  2. I did the quiz and I was Classic Traditional, too. I am learning a lot about the "minimalist" life or style. I think that I really like that style...I have yet to attain it, but it is a goal. I was laughing out loud on your shabby chic pics. Soooo funny!!!