Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Little Extra Cash

I'm not used to having money - having any money at all.  For 12 years now we have lived on such a tight, strict budget, that when we get a tax return, we usually get in at least 1 argument about how to spend it.  Then it always goes towards paying off bills. I am the spender, Martin is the saver.

Now normally when I get a little extra money, it is about $5 and I always, always, always use it on coffee or fast food.  For me not to prepare a meal for myself is grand.  I love going through the drive-thru and having someone prepare something for ME for once. I know, I know... this is why I have a huge waist-line right now.

Last week I got a little extra money. A little - as in, $75.  The Mattel headquarters is nearby and I got to participate in a focus group about Hot Wheels.  As a reward, they gave us each $75 to Target.  Woo-Hoo!  I held onto that baby for almost 2 weeks, because I was so not used to having any money. "What should I spend it on?!"  I kept asking myself.  I do love Target clothes, and wanted a new scarf and a new purse.  Yet everytime I go on Pinterest I am reminded of the fact that I do not own a sewing machine, and so that is what I purchased. I had to spend $13 of our own money, but in 2 weeks I will have a new sewing machine shipped to my door!

This was one of the cheaper ones but had the best ratings out of all of them!

A few weeks ago, my husband also gave me some money for our anniversary, specifically so I could go buy a new bike. I haven't owned a new bike since high school!  My dream is a cute beach cruiser. I have been searching high and low, and found out that the amount of money I have won't get me a lot.  This is the one I'm looking at right now:

Yes, it's from Wal-Mart (ugh) and I will need a little more money to get it, but I love it!  It also has great reviews.

I'm also selling some things on Craiglist right now, and someone "says" they are coming tonight to buy our armoire for sale for $100. I'm thinking that money will go towards Christmas, because it is coming fast!

Now it's your turn - How do you get a little extra money, and what do you like to spend it on?

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  1. i'm excited to see what you create with your new sewing machine. When I sew (which is very rare) it's usually on an OLD Singer that is operated by a bar you push with your thigh to make the needle go. I know that it was my grandma's, maybe even my great grandma's. Roger and I have been talking about beach cruisers too lately. So much fun.