Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Letter to My 5 Year Old

Dear Jaden,

Today you are 5.  No longer my baby, but you always will be.  You are a full-fledged little boy now. You are reading, you are writing, you are ready for Kindergarten and so, so excited.


You have been waiting for this day for a long time. With a brother who is 2 years older, he is just the coolest thing in your eyes, and you love him so much.  You have been wanting to be 5 years old since you were 3 and he was 5!  You keep up with him, doing everything he does, just as easy, just as fast.

Your favorite thing to do is play baseball, and your coach said you were the best "first pitch hitter" on the team.  Always practicing, always trying to do your best.  You love all sports and seem to be a natural.  Every day you are kicking balls so high that they fly into the neighbor's yard, and you giggle with delight.

You love adventure.  On Tuesdays, your "Fun Days" as we call them, you start the day by making a list of all the fun things you want to do.  Look for bugs? Check.  Play outside? Check. Color Star Wars pages? Check.  Play "Reading Eggs" online? Check.  But your favorite thing to do is play Legos with mommy.  You've let me know that I'm not the best Lego builder, and I'm not the best baseball pitcher, but I'm getting better.

You have a lot of friends, but your best friends are Dylan and Jason at school, and Willem and Kai at church.  You are one happy boy when you're with them.

You are hilarious and make us laugh every single day.  Taking pictures is a new hobby for you, and you love to take self-portraits of yourself making funny faces.

Your favorite toys are Legos, of course, but especially Lego Star Wars and Lego Ninjago.  You put together sets that are for boys ages 8-14 with ease.  Today you did an entire set in 15 minutes; I am shocked every time!

You are my snuggler.  Ever since you were a baby you want to be snuggled in close to me every time you are tired or sad.  Each night you sleep-walk right into our bed, and snuggle up next to me or daddy, wrapping your arms and legs around us, tucking yourself in tight.  Your hugs always make me feel better.

You love to be loud and crazy, but you have a quiet side, too. New situations bring out the quietness in you, but once you get going, you are a ball of energy and fun.

You also have a sensitive side. Being the youngest in your group of friends, sometimes you feel left out and I have found you hiding under your covers, crying because your feelings were hurt. If you only knew how much they love you.

You have a tender heart for the Lord.  Anytime you are hurt, sad or concerned, you will ask to pray with me.  Whenever I am hurt or sick, you come and pray for me.  I cannot wait to see how God uses you.

My prayer for you is for innocence, for wisdom, for joy, and for the continued ability to make good choices even if those around you aren't.  As you go into this 5th year of life, and you continue to grow way to fast, I pray that you will know the love of God and the love of your family more closer than ever before.  I love you, my Jaden!


  1. That is a very sweet letter. I love it!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love this post!