Monday, March 22, 2010

A Day Off!

A few months ago Martin and I agreed that we each need a "day off" at least once a month, where we are each able to get some rest and rejuvenation that is completely guilt-free.  (Because it is so hard to leave your kids and spouse without feeling some sort of guilt).  We each choose one Monday a month and write it on the calendar, and the other one of us watches the kids the whole day (Martin's day off is Monday).  It has been great and I don't know why we didn't start doing this sooner!

We spend our days off differently; On Martin's day off, he often chooses to stay around the house and relax, and I get up early with the boys and make all the meals for the day.  Sometimes he'll go running at the beach, and he often reads and plays guitar.

I, on the other hand, love to get out of the house since I'm here so much anyway.  On most days off, I have no money to spend, so it is hard to think of things to do outside the house, but I'll often sleep in, go to the beach for a while to pray and look for dolphins, come home and take a nap, and just lounge around.  But today was extra fun!!  Today I got up at 8am, got dressed, and then went out to a bunch of stores to window-shop.  I went to Goodwill (my favorite place to find fun Target returns) and JoAnn's Fabrics,  then met my friend for lunch, then went window-shopping with her, and then went and got my hair cut (it has been a whole YEAR!).

After taking care of sick kids for 2 weeks, getting no sleep, and griping about it a few times on my blog, I feel like I am BACK! :)  It is amazing what a few hours can do.  I know most people can't get a whole day to themselves, as many spouses work long hours or two jobs (or both), but before doing this, we would give each other "night's off" - just 2 or 3 hours where the other one would put the kids to bed, and one of us could go out and relax.  I highly recommend it!    Even a few hours away makes me miss my hubby and kids, and gives me new energy.  I know what it's like to be exhausted and worn out, so I hope you get a few hours to yourself this week too - if even late at night after the kids go to bed.  So glad to finally be feeling better!!


  1. Wonderful! Glad you had a relaxing day off. I'm researching hairstyles for my overdue haircut too. It's time for a change! Post a picture of your new hair-do soon!

  2. So glad you guys came up with the "day off" idea and that it has been working so well! Although I'm blessed with many "nights off" with monthly bunco or a girl's night, a whole day would be amazing!

  3. That's so great! We started doing the same thing. It's so easy to just get into the rut of not taking time for ourselves. I spend my days similar to you :D

  4. I am glad you got some time off, Jaimie...can't wait to see your new haircut. Post pics please...