Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming Home!

The husband returns today after 5 days of being away at youth camp with our church youth group.  He has not been away this long in a few years; the last time being 7 days away when both of the boys were 1 and 3 and simultaneously had the stomach flu. This time went MUCH better.

I decided to take off and go to my parent's house, mainly due to the fact that I do not sleep at all when my husband is gone.  I hear every noise imaginable and freak out all night long.  Twice when he was gone, I called the police because I thought someone was breaking into the house. One time I saw a figure in the backyard, and it turned out that it was the reflection of a large vase I had put outside to dry, reflected onto the garage door wall.  It was pear-shaped - totally looked like a large, pear-shaped man coming to get me. 

The next time, I heard footsteps and had a panic attack (literally), and finally got the courage to walk slowly down the hall.  I opened the boy's room expecting to find an attacker, and found Jaden sitting on the bottom bunk, sucking on a lollipop that he had gotten a hankering for at 2am.  He was sitting in the shadows of his bottom-bunk light that was turned on, and it was freaky

So, as you can see, I thought it would probably be best to steal away to my parent's house, where my dad's gun collection (and my dad) would protect me no matter what.  I slept soundly, other than being in the same room with the boys while we played musical beds all night. 

Since the boys are older now, things were much easier.  I did become quite lonely missing my husband, and having nobody to tell all my boring daily details too (except my mom, but she's not my husband).

It was over 100 degrees where my parent's live, so I went on the hunt for a small pool we could set up.  Finally I found one at Rite-Aid, of all places, and $29.99 later, we were in business.  The boys have been in that pool for 3 days straight now! 

Is it just me, or when your husband goes out of town, do you automatically start having more appreciation for military members and their wives?  And single mothers, too?  I don't know how they do it.

While nothing exciting happened (thankfully - we don't need anymore trips to the ER), we had a good week and I am sure it made us all appreciate being together more.  We have 3 short weeks left until school starts - until my baby (age 5) starts Kindergarten, and Micah starts 2nd grade. I am cherishing each and every moment until they go.

Welcome Home, Dad!

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