Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products

As I age, I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder to look presentable.  Seriously, folks.  If I wake up and go to the grocery store without doing my hair and makeup (which usually entails just some cover-up, lip gloss and throwing my hair in a ponytail), I scare people.  I used to be able to get away with it, but not anymore.

Here are 5 of my favorite beauty products:

1) The Brazilian Blowout.  Two friends and I bought a "Groupon" coupon, and paid $99 for lunch and a Brazilian Blowout.  It was....amazing, to say the least.  For almost 3 months I could wake up in the morning and not even have to do my hair.  My hair did still have some wave, but no frizz, and it only took about 10 minutes to flat-iron my hair (usually it takes about 45).  It would then stay completely straight for the next 2-3 days.  Yes, it has formaldehyde in it (which they promise does not touch your scalp), so I would not do it all the time. I might never do it again because of that (there are many warnings about the Brazilian Blowout).  But now I'm looking for safer versions of this amazing hair product, because now my hair is back to it's frizzy, dry, funky-curly state. (For me, the Brazilian Blowout lasted almost 3 months).

This is my hair. Do you see the funk I currently have to deal with??
2)  BB Cream. I'm still looking for the perfect one, but I read about this cream in the newspaper.  It is basically a foundation, primer, sunscreen, and skin-brightener all in one.  You can put it on and go out without any other makeup on (if you want to).  The more expensive versions run about $30-50, but there are some great ones out there for only $12-15 as well.

3) Bare Minerals.  I can't rave enough about bare minerals.  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and looking smooth.  Their eye shadows stay on all day long.

4) Summer Soles. These may not officially qualify as a "beauty product," but I LOVE these.  As a lifelong sweaty-hand and feet survivor, I cannot live without these.  These are shoe inserts for people with sweaty feet - only these are not Dr. Scholl's, my friend.  These are pretty and fashionable, and I can now wear sandals!  Previously I could not wear 99% of sandals that did not have a cloth sole, because I would slip right out of them. I know this is way too much information, but if you suffer from hyperhydrosis too, you need to look into these.  (Get 20% off by using code "jackandhill")

5) Nail Polish.  Okay, I have never been one to wear nail polish in my life.  But this summer I found the perfect shade, and was amazed at how much different it made me feel wearing it!  I still won't put it on my fingernails more than once a year (I do dishes way too much), but I wear it on my toes constantly.  I feel like a completely different person when I have pretty nail polish on!  I don't go to a nail salon; I just slap on a quick coat and I'm good for about a week.  I bought a mauve color at Target for $5 and feel like a new woman!  (The color I bought looks just like this):


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