Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Pinstrosity

If you are a fan of Pinterest, hopefully you've come across the site Pinstrosity, which showcases people who have attempted to make Pinterest projects but have failed miserably.

I've had pretty good luck so far with my own crafting adventures, but I have shared my loathing of baking before.  I was so excited when I found a way to make sugar cookies without a huge mess, so last night I thought I'd try my hand at this "baking" thing again.  Only this time, it didn't involve actual baking, but I think "baking" and "candy making" definitely fall in the same category for me - JUST STEP AWAY, JAIMIE.

All over Pinterest are these cute little pictures for making your own butter mints.  As a butter mint fan myself, I thought I'd try it out - only instead of using Pinterest (where you can at least read comments for tips and feedback), I thought I'd use a recipe from my new cookbook!  BAD IDEA.

A good friend of mine purchased this cookbook for me, and it is beautiful.  It has many different sections, of which I should confine myself to, but last night I decided to venture into the Confections section. Bad idea.

Butter Mints.

Don't they look so dainty and pretty?

I got out all of my ingredients and started mixing.  My first mistake was probably in using my knock-off Kitchenade that was made by Sunbeam.  It does a fine job, but doesn't come with different attachments for one thing, and pretty much only beats soup well. (I jest- it actually works quite fine for $40, just apparently not for butter mints).

Then the rolling began, and this is where it got bad.  I rolled up some white ones and realized they looked more like something that should have come out of the bathroom than the kitchen.

And then I turned them red.  They were meant to be an ever-so-pretty shade of light pink, but I got a little too happy while squeezing that food coloring, and, well, it looked like I was making candy canes.

Hmmm..."something is not going well here," I thought, but I had to finish this candy hack job.

I started out cutting them nice and neatly. Then I got tired, fast.  And just started chopping away like I was a contestant on Top Chef.

And there you have it, folks.

Butter Mints.

I guess you could say I need a Pintervention.

Next time, I'll listen to myself and just walk away.

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