Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Week of Scarlet Fever

I knew something was wrong when Micah had a high fever of over 102 degrees for four days straight, and then he opened his mouth and I saw this:

In addition to "Strawberry Tongue" as it is called, he had white spots all over the roof and back of his mouth and complained "it feels like I'm swallowing nails."  Then the rash started - all over his chest and back, and it felt like sandpaper.  Google-mom that I am (which is not always a good thing), I soon realized that he had Scarlet Fever.

The first thing that came into my mind was Little Women, where Beth comes down with Scarlet Fever, and eventually...dies.  Then I thought of poor Mary Ingalls, whose blindness was blamed on Scarlet Fever (but new articles say that she actually did not go blind from Scarlet Fever at all, but rather viral meningoencephalis).  Well, that's good, I guess??  Anyway, I digress.

My mind did a few crazy things before realizing that we live in the 21st century, and I was reassured that antibiotics would surely do the trick and he'd be fine.  It is similar to strep throat, after all.

Anyway, after 3 days of missing school and still on 2 weeks of antibiotics, he is now completely recovered and doing great.

I wish that was the only thing that could explain my absence from blogging these past few weeks, but there have been a lot of other things going on around here too.

A girl I mentor just had a baby and I have been helping her with breastfeeding. It is so wonderful when new mothers start out with a great breastfeeding experience.  Usually the reason I am called is because things aren't going so well, so it is rare for me to get to work with a mom where everything is going perfectly.  I don't work in that field a lot anymore, but when I get to work with the ones I am closest to, it is a pure joy.  Here is the beauty named Willow who was just born:

I have been co-teaching two parenting classes at church, using Sacred Parenting and Sticky Faith as our curriculums. I will try to write more in depth about those, but highly recommend both of those books as reading for any parent.  Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids, in particular, has been life-changing for me personally and I can't recommend it enough.

This month I'm going to be catching up and posting on:

-My guest interview with Renee Fisher, author and speaker
-Mother's Day
-My visit to Dream Dinners
-A trip to the Legoland Hotel
and more... Thank you for your patience as I have been MIA!! :)

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