Saturday, June 28, 2008

One For the Books

Last night was a night like no other in my 3 years of being a mommy.  As you know, the kids and I have been fighting off the stomach flu for the past 4 days or so. Well, it all came to a head last night.  Martin was packing to leave for Utah (in his typical fashion, at 11pm the night before), and he had to leave the house by 3:15am.  So, at 10:30pm, I am in bed, Martin is in the living room, and we hear Micah crying.  So we go in there, and he starts throwing up all over the place.  (He had not thrown up on any days before this).  We both clean him up and put him back to bed, and he precedes to throw up about 4 more times until 2:30am.  At 2:30am, Jaden starts crying hysterically, and we run in there and find that he also has thrown up all over himself and his crib.  I had to take him out and give him a bath, trying to keep it dark so he'll go back to sleep easily, but he didn't understand and just cried the whole time.  From 10:30-2:30am we did FIVE loads of laundry!  Pillows, blankets, sheets, clothing, you name it.   I kept trying to fall asleep but it seemed to be the night for a motorcycle convention in our town, because every motorcycle within LA county with an absurdly loud muffler was driving near our house.  At around 3am, to top everything off, police helicopters surrounded our neighborhood looking for some convict in the area.  Nice.

As we were laying in bed around 3am, not able to sleep, I couldn't help but think "What is going on here?!!"  Of course this would all happen within hours of Martin needing to leave for a youth missions trip.  Ephesians 6:12 came to my head and I just started praying..."For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."  

Martin set off at 3:15am, right on schedule, but felt really bad leaving me.  I was having stomach cramps myself all night right along with the boys.  I teared up at the thought of having to go this alone when I am not feeling good myself.  But I knew that God would see me through.

It is 4:13pm now, and we've almost made it through the end of the day.  Bedtime is 3 hours away. The boys have napped, I even got a nap, and nobody has thrown up since 3:15am.  God is good.  :)


  1. yuck! I pray that your storm has past.

  2. Oh Jaimie! That seems so awful! I am so sorry to hear that you had a rough night and week of illness. Glad to hear that you are keeping busy with Martin out of town. I know the weeks can be long when we are on our own. :)

  3. All I can think is that God must have some good things in store for you since the enemy is just trying to get you down. Yay for no more puke today!