Thursday, August 28, 2008

Piles and Piles

Tonight M comes back from his conference - Yippeee!  4 Days alone with the boys has not been easy, but everything went smoothly and I am thankful.  I did think I broke my finger yesterday and wondered what to do with them if I went to Urgent Care, but I waited it out for a few hours and think it will be fine.

I have had this goal all week of getting through my PILES that have accumulated around the house.  The other night I went around the house and counted how many piles I had that needed to be cleaned up - a total of 10!  I guess that is my way of cleaning.  I go around the room and make a pile of things to get to later.  Most of them are paper piles, which have now gotten so big that they've ended up in 3 reusable Trader Joe's bags.  Everytime I go to Trader Joes I think "Bummer!  My bags are still full of my piles!"  and I have to use their bags and miss out on the weekly raffle :)  

This week my piles included: a pile of jewelry (a big wad of necklaces that are knotted together), about 7 piles of papers to be filed or thrown away, piles of clothes, piles of  books I need to read, and a big pile of dishes.  Every time M goes away on a trip or conference, I think "This is the week!  I will defeat all of my piles!" but since he last went away over a month ago, they all still remain.  Except for the jewelry pile - I finally tackled that one two nights ago.  

Baby steps, baby steps.


  1. Oh, I SO have piles like that around my house :) I always thought it was because I didn't have enough space, but our space has increased...and the piles stay the same!

  2. Wow! I am so glad you posted cause I do the same thing. And my biggest trouble is when Glenn thinks he is helping by combining them into one pile. Ugh!

  3. LOL!!! I love my piles...if they get put away I will never be able to find anything...