Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Night

Last night I was up the entire night, holding my baby with his rising fever. It peaked around 102.7 although a few times the thermometer actually said 103.5, but then went back down, so I'm not sure. He didn't want daddy, or to lay in his crib, only to lay on MY chest the entire night long. Sounds dreamy, right? Not so. It was a long night.

The worst part of it was the fear. He was shaking all over and I have never seen him do that before. I had taken him to the doctor on Tuesday for shots, and he was the picture of health that day. But he got the dreaded MMR shot and HepB, and so I have been watching him since then for signs of adverse reactions. I wasn't sure if his fever and shaking were from the shots or something else. However, I soon realized that it wasn't the shots, but he was fighting off the same cough that Micah has had for the past 7 days. We made it through the night, rough as it was, and I was so thankful to see the morning light.

Why is it that kids always get so sick late at night - not during the day when you can actually take them in to the doctor? Or on weekends. My boys always seem to get sick on weekends, when the only option is Urgent Care or the ER. Oh- and I am preaching the message on Sunday at church, so of course my two boys would be sick the whole week before! This has actually happened every single time I was scheduled to speak. I'm always sweating it the day before, not sure what I'll do with my boys as their dad leads worship and I speak. But somehow it's always worked out.

But as I was holding my baby last night, my mind wandered to thoughts of the prairie mothers of old :) The moms who lived out in the country with no phones, no medicine, no way to get help unless their husband trudged the snow to fetch the doctor. They didn't have Baby Tylenol to drop the fever or immunizations to ward off major illnesses. I'm sure with every major sickness they wondered if it could be the end. They couldn't even call their girlfriend for prayer or advice, like I did last night. I'm glad we have episodes of Little House on the Prairie to remind us what we have to be thankful for :) So, we made it through another night, and now my baby is pulling on me, so I must go love on him.


  1. aww, you are a great Mom!! I know those nights seem to go on forever! ha. I have been there, believe me. Just last week, for that matter. And come to think of it, it was also on the weekend too!! lol. Thank God for Urgent Care though, right? ;)

  2. those nights are not fun - sorry! I hope he's feeling better soon. I'll be praying for you tomorrow :)