Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay, Seriously.

Seriously, you boys are tiring this mamma out.  I try and I try, but some days nothing is good enough.  Jaden - seriously?  You don't want cereal, eggs, banana or bagel for breakfast?  None of that is good enough for you?  You have to be the one child in a million who doesn't like peanut butter and jelly? Seriously?  You really think you can just survive on a diet of Goldfish crackers and juice?  And you have to protest my 30 minutes of cooking dinner by throwing it across the room?  Honestly.

And Micah.  Don't even get me started.  Boy, God must have some major lessons to teach me through you.  A lot of kids your age want to do everything by themselves.  But not you.  Nooooo, I must be the one to wash your hands, to take you potty, to pull up your underwear for you AND to pull up your pants.  You want an easy life of no effort yourself.  And when I try to make you do it yourself, WWIII breaks out in this house.  Everything I ask you to do turns into a fight.  I swear I am raising a teenager already.  I'm thinking of writing my own book on the Strong-Willed Child, although it would have no solutions in it yet, because I have no idea what to do.  

It's a good thing you two are so stinkin' cute that I just can't help but love you new each morning.  And that with your gigantic mood swings, at least there are some sweet kisses in there and some great big bear hugs.  And after the big screaming episodes, you still just want to be held and cuddled by your mommy.  Mamma loves you more than words can express.  But seriously.


  1. lol! That was beautifully written :D

  2. Too funny! I could echo some of that stuff with my kids. Gracie is quite picky about what she eats and Miss Rose thinks I'm her personal servant. Gracie would live on milk, raisins and Fiber One bars if allowed!

  3. I've had a few of these moments myself :) well said!

  4. Ha! PBJ! Have Jaden and Lila been talking? PBJ is the easiest thing and she won't eat it!!!
    Dinner time just brings me so close to tears some nights. All the effort and then they won't even take a bite. Ugh!

  5. I am soooooooo there.
    So there.
    (which explains the eery silence coming from my blog...)