Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Funnies: Uncut

Disclaimer: After posting this blog, I remembered that I have a few male readers, and I apologize in advance for this posting.  Turn back now; you don't want to move forward.  :)  Just warning you.

Today I am participating in Friday Funnies, started by my friend Heather over at Triple Blessing.

At dinner on Monday night, we were leisurely eating our dinner when Jaden blurted out, "You don't have a penis, right, mommy?"  and Micah followed by, "Why don't you have balls?"  Yes, just another normal dinner conversation at our home.  This conversation has continued all week, with Jaden continually asking me to "pull down your pants so I can see what's down there."  Don't worry; I haven't obliged.  When we were camping, Micah came and layed next to me early one morning, put his hands on both my boobs and said, "what are these, mommy?"  When I tried to explain to him, he started to shake them and jiggle them and laugh hysterically until I yanked his hands off of me.  Ah, life with 3 and 5 year old boys.

On another note, Martin walked in the door from conducting a funeral, and Jaden looked and him and said, "Why did you get buried?"

I gave Micah some Bare Fruit Apple Chips (here is their logo), and he looked at the bag and asked, "Are these made out of bears, mommy?"

This isn't something funny that anyone SAID, but I just had to include our cat in the Friday Funnies, because he has a sense of humor too.  The other night I went to get some silverware for dinner and had a hard time opening the drawer.  I peeked inside and saw this:

Then this:

We had a hard time getting him out and Micah said, "I think we need to call the fire department, mommy!"
But eventually, we got him out.

Silly kitty!  Can't wait to read your Friday Funnies!


  1. Oh Lord have mercy!! How did you keep a straight face with all those questions? Glad you captured the cat in the drawer with your camera!! That is SO funny!

    Oh, and did you know that Gerber baby food did horrible in Africa (I think) because illiteracy is so high over there that markets put pictures on the outside of what's inside and the Gerber logo is a baby!? Case in point with those bears!! :)

    Thanks for playing along!! I loved reading your funnies!

  2. That is hilarious! I have some similar stories that I can't even POST! Girls are fascinated by that stuff to. One thing I can share is Miss Rose squeezing my boobs saying "chubby." Why? I have no idea!

  3. We had a similar conversation with week with Luke. Good times. My daughter refers to them as "Teenager choo-choos". I am not sure why.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man Jaimie, I nearly peed my pants!

  5. I just left you a blog award - come check it out!