Monday, July 12, 2010

Looking Back

Today is my 34th birthday.  I thought it would be fun to look back at my baby book today and found a few fun "highlights" in there:

First, there were a bunch of doctor well-check visit notes from my pediatrician to my mom.  In it, I found recommendations that she start giving me rice cereal at 16 days old, and baby food starting at 11 weeks old (my, how things have changed!).  I was frequently at the doctor's office for ear infections and high fevers (103+ until I became an adult).  It was interesting seeing how many of my own health issues as a baby were also Micah's same health issues.

I found this letter in my baby book as well, which I probably wrote when I was around 11 or 12 years old:

I like guys who are really cute.
My favorite restaurant is Seasons and Dennys and all the great restaurants.
I hate seafood.
I like PopTarts for breakfast.
I want a dress that flows out really far.
I like beautiful dresses.
I want to work with animals when I grow up.
Sizes:  Large and medium, but not small
I like beautiful things.

P.S. And flowers.

I see not much has changed in the past 22 years or so! :)

My mom had me when she was only 21 years old.  She and my dad had been married 3 years already. When I think about how young she was when she had me, I am just amazed that she did such a great job!  She gave birth to me with NO epidural, either.  Go mom!  I was born with white blonde, very curly hair, and my personality was very much like Micah's (introverted, shy and cautious).

(Almost age 3)

(I seem to have come out of my shell around age 3 1/2 long enough to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  Just give me cake and I'm happy!)

Growing up, I sucked my thumb until I was almost ELEVEN years old (yes, you read that right) had a HUGE gap in my teeth.  When I was around 14, a friend of my moms told me she got rid of her gap in her teeth by putting a small rubber band around them every night before she went to bed.  I did that for over a year, and my gap disappeared.  Saved my parents a few thousand bucks and I never did have braces.

Now that I have found this treasury of photos and letters in my garage, I am enjoying looking through everything (and laughing a lot).  Don't be surprised if you find more pictures and momentos I find on my blog in the next few months :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Jaimie. You were my first baby, and I was terrified. I didn't even have a 'mom's network' there to help.We were in a church that was 'sold out for the Lord', and the Pastor discouraged having children, and I was one of the first ones. Even waiting 3 years, he disapproved (it was sort of a cult atmosphere at the time).We left that church a few months after you were born. I hung out with Deb S. alot when we moved,and she had a study in her home,Raising Children in the Lord.That's where I learned to use the 'rod', ha,ha. God was faithful.And look at you now.I'm so proud of you.Love,mom

  2. Jaimie this is so beautiful. It's good to see how God's hand has been on your life from the beginning. :) He has made you well and I'm blessed to be your friend.

  3. Happy Birthday Jamie!! This is Kelli west :) thanks for your sweet message you left me. I always love meeting new blogging friends. I love how you posted pictures of your Little self. what a fun idea. When my bday rolls around I just might have to use that same idea. I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!

  4. I love this! I sucked my thumb until I was 12...when I went to the dentist and he told me I would need braces for my buck teeth. I quit cold turkey (my mom had tried everything under the sun) and my teeth went back on their own. How funny that we have this in common!!

  5. How precious, what a wonderful thing to have and to look back on! It's amazing in the first picture how much you look like your mom. Micah certainly takes after you alot and looks like you alot - especially those lips! ;-) Happy Birthday Jaimie, I thank God and your mom for such a wonderful woman who has blessed so many lives. I'm sure anyone who reads this blog will agree with me. I love you lots, have a great day!!

  6. This is a good reminder that my girls WILL appreciate all the stuff I save in their baby book one day :D
    Happiest of Birthdays sweet friend!
    I love the "list". I"m sure I have one of those somewhere too. I did recently find my old diaries but haven't had the courage to read them yet!! :)

  7. Aw you were so cute! (And I think I had that EXACT same dress as the one in your last pic ;).