Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories & Photo Shoot Mishaps

This Thanksgiving was SO much fun!  We spent two nights at my parent's house and squeezed the most out of our time there.  Early Thanksgiving morning we arose and went out for our annual Christmas picture photo shoot.  My sister did the honors (she is also a photographer), and she did a great job.  Jaden  was such a ham and made so many faces at the camera that we did not have too many serious poses.  Here are some of our favorite outtakes:

(Click the picture for larger evidence)

My little poser...

Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking here...

Here either...

Nope, this one won't work...

My husband is so silly.

Overall, we had so much fun...

 and the boys were great sports too...

We got some good Christmas card pics out of the bunch, but in the end only chose one because I didn't want to take the time to make my own template or buy one either :)  (I'll post more later - there were some other fun ones in there).

One of the highlights of our trip was when Martin took the boys on an "adventure" to the park to "find Darth Vader." My dad has a Darth Vader mask and dresses up every Halloween in his costume.  Martin took the boys on a little hike with toy guns, hunting for Darth Vader through the trees and the bushes.  My dad was hiding behind a tree at the end of the trail.  Martin told the boys, "Hey! I think I see him!" and my dad popped out of the bushes, clad in all black with his mask on and even a black cape.  As he breathed heavy through his mask, the "adventure" then took a scary turn for Micah, when he burst into tears and cried, "I don't want to play this anymore!! I want to go home!  Our guns are only pretend and we need to go home and get real ones!"

My poor baby!!! For some reason Martin was so focused on calming him down (Jaden hadn't seen my dad), that he forgot to tell him THAT WAS MY DAD!  So a few hours later, after they were home, we broke the news to him.  He asked a lot of questions about why Papa would do that, but he seems to be okay now.

Ah, the memories!  ;)  I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving too!


  1. Great pictures - what a fun day!

  2. That's really funny about your dad! Jim brought home a lollipop with a bug in it and Luke had the same reaction.

  3. Oh my word! I love those outtakes! Jaden is a ham!! I had to laugh about the darth vader bit too. WAY too funny!!