Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Me! Monday (on Sunday)

I haven't done a "Not Me! Monday" in quite awhile, but this week was just too interesting to pass up:

I did NOT take both boys to a department store at the mall last week to look for some clothing for Jaden, warning them firmly to stay with me at all times (I had left the stroller at home). Jaden did NOT think my warning was funny and proceed to run through the clothing aisles until he got lost in the store (in the same department, thankfully). He was NOT only gone for approximately two minutes (which felt like ten) as I was frantically searching under clothing racks for him. He did NOT come bounding down the aisle giggling, as if nothing ever happened. My child never gets lost in a store, NEVER!

I did NOT then lose Micah (also for the very first time) in another department store a few days later. Micah usually stays right by my side but I was in a hurry and was rushing from rack to rack looking for a shirt. He did NOT disappear for a minute, and I did NOT look up to see two moms looking at me from a few aisles away very concerned. I looked down by them and did NOT find Micah sobbing and scared to death, unable to speak from fear. He ran to me and I held him for a few minutes trying to calm him down. He did NOT go on to hold my hand every single second from then on through the rest of the store. My children never get lost in a store, remember? :) (Also goes to show two completely different reactions from two completely different kids when each of them got lost).

I did NOT teach a breastfeeding class this week of which two teenage boys came (with their female friend) and have to demonstrate breastfeeding right in front of them. When asked if they wanted to view the video, one of the boys did NOT respond "YES!" out of excitement. I forgot my "boob model" and did NOT have to hold myself to demonstrate, right in front of them.

At church this week, as I was setting up a table and tablecloth in the lobby, I did NOT slowly slip on the tablecloth underneath my feet, and proceed to DO THE SPLITS right there in front of God and everybody in the church lobby. I was NOT wearing a long skirt and boots at the time, which made the event even more spectacular. I was NOT observed by at least 5 people (the service was thankfully going on during this time). I was NOT helped up by a male who was next to me when this happened. I did NOT proceed to almost die of embarrassment and could not stop laughing about it. (By the way, I have never done the splits in my life and am surprised I did not break my legs or my inner thighs by this).

So.... how was your week? :)


  1. Oh wow - good ones! I know that terrified feeling when you look up and the kids are gone - just happened to me at Safeway when Myles was only a foot and a half away from me but behind a display. Thankfully an older gentleman in line next to me saw my panicked face and pointed Myles out to me. Glad you got both your boys back safely - interesting about the different reactions! I have my Not Me! post all ready to go for tomorrow - sadly it's pretty long. :0

  2. I lost Skylar in the mall once. But i didn't know it. How bad is that?! I was at Picture People and she took off but I thought she was playing at the playtable. A lady brought her back just as I was realizing she was gone. She said she was running down the middle of the mall "like she had found freedom." oy!
    I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself with the splits. Sorry it made me giggle. :D

  3. LOL!! Jaimie, I did NOT have as an exciting weekend as you did, I did NOT enjoy your blog as I usually do NOT, I totally did NOT sit here cracking up hysterically, and the lady in the room next door did NOT come knock on my door asking if everything was okay! You're a riot, and a wonderful sport. I love you, and miss you all.

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