Monday, February 7, 2011


Super Bowl Sunday.  I was in bed, sick, and woke up 3 minutes before the half-time show.  Awesome timing, if I do say so myself :)  We stayed home all day, took naps, and watched the commercials.  It wasn't a party, but it was relaxing and good.  I heard this was the most popular commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.

Is it just me, or did this commercial make you want to cry happy-tears?  Why do we love it so much?

I think we love it because it depicts the best part of childhood - Wonder.  Wonder is what makes our children's faces light up with joy when something magical happens.  Wonder is what makes their eyes twinkle with excitement.  Wonder is what makes their eyes stay open when they're so tired.  Wonder is what makes life fun for children.

I saw wonder in Jaden's eyes this morning, as he looked down into the heater grate and saw two of his legos.  "I think we're going to have to ask Feivel the mouse for some help tonight Jaden!"  "YEAH!" He replied excitedly.  "We can ask him to get the legos out for us while we're sleeping!"

I saw wonder in his eyes when he woke up this morning and came out of his room wearing a Transformer mask on his face, his knight amour, and holding his Batman gun.

I saw wonder in Micah's eyes when he woke up one morning recently and saw that the Tooth Fairy had left him 2 gold coins under his pillow.

Wonder is the BEST.

Somehow as we get older, we lose that wonder.  But it's not hard to find again if we try.  We can find wonder when we glance out our kitchen window and see a hummingbird feeding on a flower.  We can find wonder when someone calls to encourage us, when we were feeling down that day.  We can find wonder in an answered prayer, in a clean house, in a quiet moment while our kids are (finally) sleeping.

It's easier to find wonder when we're walking in daily communion with God.  When I'm not, I cease to find the wonder.  Instead I find bills, endless chores, cranky children, a car that needs repairs, a diaper that needs to be changed.  When I'm walking in communion with God, I find myself more thankful for the little things that happen throughout the day. They may be small, but they are gifts from Him to me.  And in those small gifts, I find wonder again.


  1. Yes! Jaimie! I totally agree...this is so true; thanks for sharing your insight into life...

  2. OMGosh I LOVED this commercial! I posted it on my FB page because it SO reminded me of Elias! He does that all the time - he even tried to use "the force" on me last week for some chocolate milk LOL! But you're absolutely right about the wonder... I wish we all still had that sense of wonder. It would make the world such a wonderful place. You're such a blessing Jaimie!

  3. I had heard about this commercial but missed it somehow yesterday - thanks for sharing it! I agree, I've been so blessed as I see the wonder in my children's eyes!

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  5. Loved this post, Jaimie! Soooo true!!! Thank you for blessing us with your reading your posts!

  6. Wonder is the best! I love sons also do! My youngest son, who is 4, just watched this at least 10 times until I had to take over my computer again!

    And I was glad to see a commercial....I was lucky enough to be at the game, but you miss all the fun commercials then!