Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Frame Earring Holder

My BFF Heather is an amazing decorator and always has cute ideas.  She does not have a blog, but gave me permission to post this craft idea she just completed.  This is an earring/jewelry holder that she made, and it will soon grace her bedroom wall with beauty:

Here is how you can make this yourself in 5 easy steps!! 

Step 1: Buy an old mirror or frame at a thrift shop or yard sale (OR just check your garage for old junk lying around). She got this one for $5 (scratch that - .50 CENTS!)

Step 2: Knock out the glass or mirror.

Step 3: Paint it a nice color that will complement the decor in your bathroom or bedroom (or hey, if you like earrings hanging in your kitchen, go for it!)

Step 4: Using a staple gun, staple a mesh screen to the back (you can find screen material at Home Depot, or just check your garage again).

Step 5: Hang it on the wall, and hang your earrings on it!

There you have it!! I am actually off to Goodwill today to find an old mirror for my own room; I  can't wait to try this myself!


  1. Excellent idea and very lovely to look at too! I just saw my MIL made a neat earring holder using doilies - I never would have thought of that.

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  4. Great idea. I am your new follower, stopping by from the Girl Creative.

  5. This would be so cute if I actually wore earrings (or jewelry) :D

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