Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Funnies

I'm a little late in posting this, but have been keeping track of my kids funny/cute/interesting conversations this week :)  Here are today's Friday Funnies, hosted by Heather at Triple Blessing:

Jaden has never liked syrup on his pancakes before this week.  Micah said, "Jaden, did you know that syrup has sugar in it?  You should try some!"  Jaden then says, "Sugar?!  Daddy, I want syrup on my pancakes!"  Martin proceeded to put the syrup on his pancakes, and Jaden said, "YUMMY!! Daddy, did you know that syrup has sugar in it?!"

Micah is in a phase where he is asking a lot of questions about God, but isn't quite sure what to think yet.  We were babysitting two girls, ages 6 and 7, and the kids all started talking about church.  The 6 year old said, "I go to church too! I'm a Christian!" and Micah replied, "Oh, I'm not a Christian.  I just go to church."

Along those same lines, sometimes Micah says, "I don't like Jesus."  Rather than shame him for saying that, we talk to him about why he feels that way (we think it is because he doesn't understand yet but he has seen pictures of Jesus dying on the cross).  But yesterday he followed up that statement with, "Even if you're mean to Jesus, he still gives you stuff."  I said, "Oh yeah, like what?"  Micah replied, "Like toys and a new sister!"  I said, "Well, you better be nice to him just in case, because you're not getting a sister any other way!"

The boys have also been asking a lot of questions about God and Satan.  After describing who Satan is, Micah said, "I'm going to shoot him with my fighter jet.  And I could also fart on him."

Jaden loves playing "preschool" and filled up his little backpack with share toys.  He pulled out about 8 toys and told me about each one.  He got to a toy dinosaur and said, "Here is a dinosaur.  He's stinked."  I said, "Extinct?" and he said, "Yes, he stinked."  Then he pulled out a toy tiger and said, "Here is a tiger.  He's stinked too.  He eats people, right?"  I said, "No, honey, he doesn't eat people, and he's not extinct.  He's a nice tiger."  He pulled out a dragon's tail and said, "Here is the dragon's tail.  He's missing this."  Then he pulled out a plastic potato and said, "And here is a potato for dinner!"  I told him I had to go do something and to have "recess."  He said, "It's not recess, mommy! It's called play time!"  Well, then!

I was teaching the boys about dialing 9-1-1, and Micah asked, "What number do we dial to call the army?"  I told him I wasn't sure, and he said, "I think it's 9-3-0."

One day while driving, the boys were discussing where superheroes live.  Jaden asked if Ironman and Spiderman live in our city.  Micah replied, "No, Jaden, they don't live here.  They're just pretend.  The army lives where we live and THEY are our heroes."  :)

When we were at Chuck E Cheese this week, Micah asked me about this one game where a huge gorilla is holding metal bars, and you squeeze the bars to shock the gorilla.  After coming home, Micah said, "That's what we do to Satan!  We shock him when we do good stuff!"


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  2. Your boys sure have interesting conversations. I can't wait to hear how the conversations change as they get to be teenagers:)

  3. Oh my word! I was literally busting up!! "I'm not a Christian, I just go to church." And "I would fart on him" ! OH MY GOODNESS! I love it!!!!