Monday, August 23, 2010

Mason Jar Chandelier

Awhile back I was so inspired by Beth from The Stories of A to Z to make a mason jar chandelier, that it was all I could think about for days.

My challenge was to turn this:

Into THIS:

Lo and behold, I stopped by a yard sale one day and found this beauty for only .25 cents.  

Here is how I created my mason jar chandelier:

1) Step 1:  Spray paint the lamp black (total cost: .97 cents)

2) Step 2:  Buy mason jars (total cost of 1 case: $9.99)

3) Step 3:  Create holes in lids of mason jars. This was the hardest part.  The jars are bigger than the lights, so we had to create a way for them to stay on the light fixtures.  We do not have a drill with a hole-cutter (which would have been the easiest option), so my husband tried a few different methods.  He took a screw driver and hammered out a hole-shape (see first example on the left).   That didn't go great, but he got better and better at it.  Then we figured out that we could just take a can opener and punch 4 big holes in the lid, and that would work too.  

Yes, not the cleanest holes around, but they still do the job.

Step 4: Place the lids with the holes around each light fixture, then screw the mason jars into the lids upside-down.  We could have glued them to each light, but the holes are tight and secure, so we didn't do that.

Step 5: Turn on the light!

This light already came with the pretty bulbs, so we didn't have to buy them, but they definitely look better than regular light bulbs.  I just love the way the light reflects off the jars around the kitchen.  It is beautiful at night!!!

Total Cost: $11.25

And if I can do it, you can do it!! 


  1. AWESOME!! I love it!!!!! Look at you...gettin all crafty!!!!

  2. How cool! I may need to consult you for some craft ideas!

    Following from Fun Friday Follow. You'd have fun at, where Disney IS school!

  3. Coming over from Beths. Awesome job on the light fixture!

  4. Just read Beth's tweet- it came out really nice! Do you worry that the bulbs will get too hot and crack the glass of the jars or are they not that powerful? I'd love to get brave and try something like a light fixture some day- my dining room light is AWFUL!

  5. Very pretty, it just sparkles!

  6. You know I love your chandy! So sorry for the confusion but my linky on my blog was just a way for me to organize my year in review. I didn't mean to leave it open. Rhoda is having a top projects of 2010 party starting tomorrow morning so feel free to link up then!

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  8. AWESOME! I have the same 25 cent chandelier hanging out in our garage waiting for a home! I know what I am going to do! :)

  9. That is SO CREATIVE! Love your chandelier!

    sao in Midlothian, VA