Sunday, December 23, 2007

Great New Products

Last year I joined this great company called BzzAgent ( They send me all sorts of free stuff, and my job is to tell others about it, write up a brief report, and earn points for cool stuff. I have already received a free Sonicare toothbrush, a free Jennie-O frozen turkey (through the mail!), and a few free books. Here is what they recently sent me that I want to tell you about!

1) A Sonicare Sanitizer - this is a machine that sanitizes your Sonicare toothbrush (or other toothbrush head) in 10 minutes using UV light. It is so great! The funny thing is, I was thinking, "yeah, but do people really need this?" The next day, Martin said, "I have something to tell you, but don't get mad." "I accidentally used your toothbrush!" Ewwww!!! See, after getting my free Sonicare from the company, we loved it so much that we bought Martin one. Well, we have the same color toothbrush and so they are easily confused. Needless to say, that Sonicare Sanitizer came in really handy that night. It is also useful for sanitizing your toothbrush if you are sick and don't want to throw your toothbrush out!

2) CVS Pharmacy PhotoBook - many people order photobooks online through Shutterfly or IPhoto, but now you can just take your memory card into your local CVS Pharmacy, and create a book right in the store. It is mailed to you after you create it. It is also a lot cheaper than some of the other websites - around $12.99 for a small book. These make awesome gifts! If you'd like to try it, I have a few 50% off coupons so that you can create a book for as low as $6!

3) Listerine Whitestrips - I have always been a Crest Whitestrips girl myself, but I received some samples of these in the mail, and they seem to work great. The best part is, they dissolve right onto your teeth. This means that you can wear them around the house or even outside and not have to worry about removing them. They leave your teeth feeling really fresh and clean, and help freshen your breath too! I have samples of these if you want to try them, too.

4) LypSyl Lip Balm - Anyone who knows me know that I LOVE lip balm- at my wedding shower, all the guests were instructed to bring a lip gloss for me, and I had a huge supply that lasted me over a year! Right now my favorite is Burt's Bees and Lip Smacker. BUT, I got a sample of this lip balm and it is great. It does not feel like Bees Wax, even though that is the main ingredient. It leaves my lips feeling silky soft, and it lasts a long time. Hours. I highly recommend it! I have samples of this too if you want to try it!

So, I know what you're thinking - how can I become a BzzAgent and get free stuff? Easy! Just go to and join! Tell them I "sent you" - Jaimie Bowman - and get ready to receive lots of free stuff - it is so fun!!!

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  1. Jaimie,

    Hey! It's me! I love your blog. You are a beautiful writer. Thanks for sharing. We really have to get together. I think it will be my goal in 2008. We will figure out how to make our schedules blend! I have a blog too although not nearly as eloquent as yours. More just to remind of this time in my life and hopefully to show the girls. :)
    Take care!