Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Wonder Years

Well, I did it. I decided to start my own blog. I know many people start these things and never keep up with them, but this will be my New Year's Resolution for 2008 - try to blog at least once a week! I have always enjoyed reading other people's blogs, so why not? It is kindof like journaling but you know it is for an audience. So, please feel free to leave me messages! I know not everyone is on myspace, so I am going to transfer some things I have written there to this blogspot, for those of you who enjoy reading.

So, why did I title my blog "The Wonder Years"? While I was a big fan of that show while it was on, that is not why I chose this theme. Since becoming a mother, I am constantly amazed at the wonder in Micah's eyes. Everything is new to him. Everything is exciting, big, fun, and the smallest things make him happy. Martin was just asking me, "Why do I keep hearing this phrase, 'The Wonder of Christmas'? What exactly does that mean?" I told him that I think it is talking about the wonder in a child's eyes.

Tonight we went to Martin's parents house to celebrate Christmas. They had the "Wizard of Oz" playing on the TV. Micah has never seen it, and he was enthralled by it. But I kept realizing that there are really scary parts in that movie, and my little boy has never been exposed to anything like that before! It made me sad, in a way, because I realize that his innocent little mind, so pure, so full of trust and wonder, is going to eventually be affected. By the media, by people around him, by other kids, etc. It is so scary if you really think about it. I want to protect him from feeling fear - from ever being scared. But I know this is why we entrust our children to God's care. We must trust that God will protect our children, even when we can't.

So begins our journey through "The Wonder Years" with our two precious boys.

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