Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Reflections

Easter Sunday is probably the busiest day of the year for us because of church & ministry.  Martin is the worship leader at church, and Easter is the day that he gets to harness all of his creativity and resources to pull off our biggest service.  We rent out the Torrance Cultural Arts Center every year and typically have around 300 people, which for us, is big.  This year we merged with another great church who rents our  building on Sundays, and we combined services.  They are a lot like us in worship style and in their church culture.   This was Martin's dream day!  He had a combined worship team of about 20 people, and they covered the entire stage.  The other church's worship leader and Martin took turns leading and then backing each other up.  Martin had to get up at 5am that morning and set up the entire stage with a crew (we moved almost our entire church over to the Center, including every microphone, speaker, toddler toys, changing table - everything!)  We ended up having over 500 people there. I was so proud of my husband; he did an AWESOME job and God really moved through the service.  It was so weird seeing him up there like Chris Tomlin or something! :) 

This was also the very first year I wasn't involved in the service at ALL.  Because I have always been one of the pastor's wives, and now I am a "lay pastor", I have been heavily involved each year either in worship, backstage, overseeing the setup/tear down outside, and last year I did the announcements.  This year, I knew that with our two boys, it would just be too much.  It was a job in itself just getting them both up, dressed and ready (including myself) and out the door on time.  I was a little sad, watching everything from the background, and sitting in the service  by myself (but near friends).  At the same time, though, I was so relieved.  It was one Sunday where I actually didn't have too much on my plate.  I got to fully focus on my boys, make sure they were happy and secure in the nursery/Sunday School, and actually enjoy the service.  I realized that this is a season of my life that will end too soon, and my greatest calling right now is them.

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