Monday, March 17, 2008

Speaking Words of Love

Micah has been in speech therapy now for about 5 months. When we first sent him, he was only using daily about 10-20 words, and now he is up to about 200. It is so great watching him grow and learn new words and phrases. When Micah started speech therapy, he was not even saying "Mommy," but he began saying it the first week. My heart lept with joy the first time he said it to me. Tonight, for the first time, he said, "Wuv you" when I kissed him goodnight. What an amazing feeling! Up until now when we have said, "Love you, Micah!" he has always responded with "Da!" and we knew that meant "I love you" to him. He would also use "Da" for saying "Sorry" and "Thank you", but he has also begun to say those words as well. We know that Micah's speech delay was because of having fluid in his eardrums, and thankfully he is starting to catch up now. I am so thankful that God led us to the resources we needed and now we are able to communicate better with him. I'll never forget hearing him say "Wuv you" today!!! :)


  1. Jaimie - That is so great. In motherhood it is the little and not so little things that make the biggest difference!

  2. Oh yeah! That just makes me want to cry. Those little words mean the most after some long and tiring days.

    Did Micah ever get tubes? We are battling Lila's ears right now. She can't get rid of the fluid and we may be headed to new options soon.