Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

I'm having a pity party for myself today. Jaden got an ear infection three days ago and has had a fever between 101-104 for three days, WITH tylenol! Today, Micah woke up sick and we looked in his throat and saw white pocks all over. So, strep throat. He also has had between 100-103 all day. Today I took care of two very cranky boys. Now my throat is also hurting! The last time the boys were sick was in January, so it wasn't too long ago. I would just really like a break for more than a few weeks! This seems to be the season for both of them, from about December-April. I am looking forward to the days when they are older and will be past this...


  1. I've been there! I will be praying for you all - rest, health and peace in your home.

  2. Oh Jaimie! So sorry to hear. I will definitely be praying for you all. It does seem like you have a had a long winter of icky colds. Hang in there.