Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Experiment

Micah and Jaden have shared a room since Jaden was born, and it has worked out okay so far. They do wake each other up occasionally which is frustrating, so last night we tried a little experiment. We had friends over, so we set up the play pen in our room so Jaden could go to bed at 7:30pm, and the boys could keep playing in Micah's room. This morning, with both boys in separate rooms, they woke up at 8am (insert "Hallelujah" chorus here). They normally wake each other up at 6am. We put Jaden down for his morning nap in our room again (which is normally 1 hour), and he slept 2 solid hours. We put them both in separate rooms again today for their afternoon naps, and they are both sleeping soundly past the normal time they wake up. Oh, the bliss. The problem? We can't keep them in separate rooms! We have no walking space in our bedroom with Jaden in there, and we would like our room back.

So, today I'm bummed again that we live in a tiny 800 square foot house, and I'm longing for a bigger place. A 3 bedroom, perhaps. I don't want to keep them separated forever, but during this stage in their lives, it sure would be nice. Today I saw L.A. on the news as one of the top 10 worst housing markets in the country. The average home price in Torrance is around 600k. Everywhere else in the world? Around 200k - something we might actually be able to afford. Arrrgghhh!!!


  1. I feel your pain! My girls share a room and wake each other up too. our room is ok with a pack and play--so they do nap separately in the afternoons. Hang in there mama!!

  2. I hear you! My girls are smooshed into one room - thankfully we got three bedrooms when we moved! Sophia is the only napper in that room but bedtime in the evenings goes on and on. She keeps everyone up!