Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Perfect Mother's Day!

We decided to kill 3 birds with one stone and celebrate Mother's Day, Jaden's baby dedication, and his 1st birthday (on May 16th) all in one day - TODAY! We invited our families up and dedicated Jaden on Mother's Day - it was a beautiful dedication and so perfect. Afterwards, everyone came to the house, including some friends from church, and we had Mexican food and cupcakes. Everything went perfect, and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

Last night I was up until about 1:30am making cupcakes for today. It all paid off when 3 people asked me "Are those from Sprinkles?!" Woo-Hoo! My effort paid off and they looked great!! :) (They tasted pretty darn good too with that homemade buttercream and chocolate frosting!) Jaden had his first taste of sugar and cautiously ate his cupcake. He kept looking at me like, "Are you really letting me eat this?" He did great today and loved all of his gifts, too.

Martin and I sat down last month and wrote down our "vision" for our family and our lives. One of the things we wrote down was that we want our home to be a welcoming place, a "hub" where people can come and hang out and be themselves, as well as a healing place for people to come and relax and be ministered to and encouraged. Part of that vision involved deciding to entertain people more. This was our first major effort on that front. We knew that around 20 people would be coming over, so we worked really hard to prep the house and get everything ready. It was a lot of work - more than we had imagined!! We realized that we really needed to invest in some tables and chairs, for one, and I found a brand new Easy-Up at a garage sale for $40. Awesome! We also worked on the garden area, and I was really ambitious and decided to weed a 15' patch of dirt all by myself. I was so sore the next day I could hardly move - oh, and did I mention, I only got about 3 feet done! :) Martin had to finish it up for me. (There were a LOT of weeds, okay???!!) :)


  1. How fun! We have had lots of mothers day/birthday celebrations - Ella's bd is tomorrow. It is always lots of work but tons of fun for everyone! Glad you had a good time entertaining =)

  2. Oh yum! You'll have to share the cupcake and frosting recipe! I love baking

  3. Hi there! I just tagged you over on my blog - go check it out.... =)