Friday, May 9, 2008

What is Normal?

I have been wondering lately, "What is normal toddler behavior?" Is it normal for my toddler to scream because he doesn't want to paint, then decide he does, then scream because he doesn't want the paints I give him, but his OTHER paints, then change his mind, then scream because I am using a wet washcloth to clean him, then he throws it across the room, then he picks it up and says "Mine!" and wants to take it to his room. When I try to take it from him, he screams! Seriously - this kid is moody. There are good days, and there are bad days. He is especially moody when he is tired, which I think he is today, because he has wanted to sit with his blanket all morning. Yesterday he took a bad fall in the morning - at breakfast he tried to push his chair out from the table but ended up pushing the WHOLE chair backwards, so he fell and hit his head on the chair and the floor, hard. So yesterday was a hard day too.

I keep wondering "when does this end?!" When will he be my easy child again like he used to be? I could take him anywhere, totally content, and he would just look around and smile. Now he wants to be in control of everything, everywhere we go, and how we get there (yesterday on a walk, he got mad because I went down one street and he wanted to go down the other).

It is always nice to talk to other moms and hear their stories, no matter how bad they are, because it helps me feel like I'm not alone. Today I need to hear some of those stories! :)

Who would ever guess this face could have bad days?!


  1. I hear you! I don't know that there is a normal - every kid is so different. My two girls that are home 17 months apart(4 and almost 3) are constantly at each other and constantly asserting their independence from me. Everything from opening the cheese stick to using the restroom on their own. It is a daily challenge for me to not get bogged down in the nit picky nature of toddlers! Just keep on loving that beautiful or handsome smile!

  2. Well I just read it and it sounds like a "normal" day here. Like you said there are good days and bad days. It is all a struggle to be their own person but still wanting Mommy to be there.

  3. I've really learned that kid ebb and flow quite a bit in their behavior. We'll have some really rough months with Miss Rose that require a ton of discipline. Then it will smooth out and she's a dream! Have you read the "older" babywise books? They are really helpful with some of that stuff.