Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Little Trooper

This is Day 4 of Potty Training Boot Camp, which was supposed to be only 3 days. However, our little trooper is having some difficulties. On Wednesday we threw away all of his Pull-Ups in the trash, which he was very excited to do, and we put on his "Big Boy" underwear. (Keep in mind that we have been potty training off and on for the last 6 months, rather sporadically, but we've been going between underwear and Pull-Ups. He's had many successful "moments" on the potty).

Well, for some reason when we threw away his Pull Ups, M began to have "Performance Anxiety" and has been holding his "business" for anywhere between 10-17 hours now. He has gone on the potty one time in the last 4 days, had a few accidents, but mostly has been holding it. My poor baby!!! Yesterday he had an accident at 4pm, then we sat him on the potty before bed. He kept saying he had to go, but nothing happened. At 3am, he woke up saying he had to go, so I brought him in the bathroom and he sat there until after 4am on the potty reading books, but nothing happened. It took him awhile to go back to sleep, all while quietly saying "Have to go pee-pee mommy"... It was just breaking my heart!

At 8am we woke up and still nothing. It is now 9:40am and he is back on the potty, saying he has to go, but nothing's happening. We have even turned on water to get him to go (the sound of the trickling, etc.), but to no avail. So, it has now been almost 17 hours. We have been feeding him liquids ALL day the last 4 days, so I know he has to go. I know it doesn't hurt him to go because he doesn't complain at all when he has his accidents. But I know this isn't good for him.

I really don't know what to do. We have prayed for him so many times now, he is probably going to associate prayer with the bathroom for the rest of his life! :)

ANY advice would be helpful. We really do feel he's ready, as it's all been leading up to this, and he is very excited to use the potty and does not want to go back to pull-ups now. But I'm truly at a loss here.... Please pray for us!


  1. Did you try emailing that lady you got the e-book from? I wonder if she has any suggestions...I don't know how he is holding "pee" for that long. That is amazing! I guess it's a good "skill" to have when you guys have to go on long road trips. :-)

  2. um - I haven't had anyone hold it that long! Owie - I may try giving him a bath to get him to relax. . . poor guy.