Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15 Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom

You know how this works - copy and paste the questions into your own blog. Replace my answers with your own. I'm curious to see your answers too!! :)

15 Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom

Something I let my kids do way too much of sometimes: There have been days where I’ve let my kids watch more than an hour of television.
Something I do too much of sometimes: Get on the internet
Something I wish I could do more of: Rest
Something I pray for every day: That my boys will know how much God loves them and we love them
My favorite time of day: Right after naps when my boys are cuddly, or bedtime when we’re reading together and praying together
My greatest strength as a mother: Being prepared and cuddling
My greatest weakness as a mother: Playing with the boys
Favorite stage of childhood (my children’s years): The baby years
A chore I would happily give to someone else: Doing the dishes
One habit I need to break: Always eating on the go / eating bad
What I do when I feel like I’m going crazy: I cry or get impatient
How much sleep I get per night: About 8 hours
How much sleep my kids get per night: 11 hours (Praise the Lord)
What I love most about my husband: How he loves us and how he helps me so much


  1. Can I just copy and paste YOUR answers? lol.. They basically describe me as well. (Well, minus the 8 hours of sleep each night!!) That would be nice! :D

  2. My answers would read much the same - lol!

  3. why IS it so hard to play with the kids. I struggle with that too - seems like there's always something *else* that needs to be donw :(