Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the Results Are In....

So, maybe you read my previous post about my mysterious weight gain and my theory that it could be my thyroid. I finally had my yearly checkup last week and had my blood taken. My doctor said in a semi-kind voice "We will test your thyroid, but just to let you know, about 95% of the time it is not the thyroid that is to blame; it is lifestyle." I laughed along with her, secretly hoping that I wasn't the one to blame for this sudden weight gain!

But I have a confession to make. Today I bought AND consumed these:

I know, I know. They don't look very appetizing. I've only had these once or twice in my life, honestly, and it's been at least 2 years since I had them last. But tonight they were calling my name. "Pink Snowballs!" (i.e. light fluffy things that melt in your mouth), "0g Trans Fat per Serving!" (i.e. you mean, they're actually HEALTHY?!) Just kidding. I know they are a heart-attack waiting to happen. But I convinced myself that I deserved them. "I've had such a hard week!" I told myself, "I haven't had these in so long!" "It won't hurt anybody!" :)

Then I remembered that piece of mail I got today. Thyroid? NORMAL. Figures.

So, here are my conclusions about my weight gain: 1) It's totally my own fault 2) I'm an emotional eater 3) I stopped breastfeeding a little over 6 months ago yet I'm eating the same as I was then (now I'm not burning 500 calories a day though) 4) I need to stop eating junk food like this!

The good news? You probably didn't notice but last week I "secretly" put this little counter at the bottom of my page that says "days worked out." Kindof my tiny little way of being held accountable (although I was hoping no one would notice). But alas, I must tell you, my friends, so I can get my butt into gear. So far I've worked out 5 days. "Working out" to me usually means brisk walking with the stroller at least a mile. I am trying to work up to more than that, but for now I practically faint with exhaustion after 1 mile pushing 50 pounds of boys. Corrina inspires me!

Sorry for the long post... I'm an emotional writer too :)


  1. I totally understand! It's hard to change your mindset after preg/nursing for so long. . . I had a huge brownie today, I'm weighing myself in the morning and just hoping to stay the same for the week - I should go for a walk. . . it's been cold and the kids are sick. Excuses I know :)

  2. You know...I'm still eating the same, too. I have plateaud with my weight loss and feel like it is harder to not just snack during the day when you are home and you have food available to you all day long.

  3. haha aww! Don't feel bad about eating the snowballs! lol.. I get that way sometimes too - Like tonight for example! I was stressed out from a little arguement w/my husband, my son wouldn't take a nap at all today, I almost ran out of gas while out shopping, traffic was completely nuts!! (That's typical here in Central Florida) and on and on it went. I stopped by Wal-Greens to pick up a couple things I needed and somehow found myself in the Halloween candy aisle (lol) loading my cart full of chocolate covered marshmallow pumpkins, cream filled cadbury eggs, & candy corn.. LOL
    I almost felt like I needed to repent after I got home!! :P
    So yeah, don't feel bad =)
    We all have our little things we need to work on as u can see!!
    As far as the exercising goes (yeah, I saw that little counter on your blog the other day! haha) have you tried tae-bo?? It's the only thing that got me back in shape (fast) after I had my son in '05! Tae-bo Bootcamp Elite is what I just bought for my husband yesterday online. I LOVE tae-bo! You never have to leave your house, just turn on the dvd when the kids are in bed or taking a nap. It's really fun too! Even if you just do it 2 times a week, it really makes you feel awesome and alone can sometimes help u make better food choices! =)
    I can't wait to start back again once the baby gets here next month!!