Monday, May 4, 2009


Today we went in for Micah's pre-op appointment for his surgery scheduled next Thursday. While we really love his ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT), we are not too thrilled about the office staff or having to wait an hour to see the doctor each time we have an appointment.  Seems to be pretty standard for every doctor in this area, that you have to wait at least an hour in the waiting room.  So lame. 

Anyway, as we were leaving we found out that Micah would need to have a blood test done.  I should have asked why, but at the moment I was just trying to get out the door.  I know it's standard procedure for his patients but I just didn't think Micah would need it.  My stomach sunk and I thought I would throw up.  I had a list in my hand of places we could take him for the blood work, and I thought "how are we going to get through this? and when will we have time to both go do this since our schedule is packed this week?"  I knew we'd need both of us present for the event - one to hold him and one to distract him.  We were driving by one of the locations when we decided just to stop in right then and see how long the wait would be.  Amazingly, they said it was their slowest time and it would be perfect to bring him in right then.  Micah knew we were somewhere for him, but he didn't know what we were doing there.  We went back and forth while we waited, wondering if we should tell him.  Before we actually did it, they called us back.

My husband is brilliant and brought his IPod for Micah to watch while he was having his blood drawn.  He put Micah in his lap, put the headphones in his ears, and turned on a cartoon for him.  The nurses danced for him and laughed with him and made him comfortable.  They inserted the needle in his arm and I watched as his eyes grew BIG and tears started welling up, but he just kept his eyes on the cartoon.  He glanced a few times at the needle but was just so brave.  After it was over, he fell apart in the waiting room on our way out and just sobbed.  I felt so bad for him.  You might remember my post about Micah holding in his emotions until later - that's pretty much what happened.  But we were so proud of him and he did such a great job.  Hopefully next Thursday will go great, too.


  1. So brave! I hope you bought him ice cream or something :D

  2. What a brave boy, & mama! Those appts are hard.