Thursday, April 30, 2009


Do you ever have those weeks that make you feel like you're on a roller-coaster?

If you've been reading lately you have seen what we've been through the last few weeks with our housing situation. Well, yesterday we got "the call." Our landlord said we can stay. He had told us he was trying to change the situation he was in so that we could stay, but we weren't sure until yesterday. He not only said we can stay here, but he said we can stay for as long as we want and he will never raise the rent. He said if he ever has to ask us to move again, he will pay us $3500 for our time and trouble. He even asked if we want to lease the house we're in. I have to say, it is obvious that God is involved when you get a call like that!

But before we ran around the room doing cartwheels, we talked about what we really want again. The bottom line is that our hearts were excited about moving (especially mine). There are now boxes in the garage that we really don't want to have to unpack. Change can just be so exciting! We still feel the need for more space and to be closer to the church, our friends in the church, Micah's preschool, etc... This morning Martin and I talked about how if we stay here for even another two months, we want there to be purpose in it. So we've decided to take the money we had set aside for the move and finally pay off one of our student loans. A student loan that we have agonized over for over TEN years now. If all goes according to plan, then we'll actually be able to pay it off by July 1. Now THAT is a purpose I feel good about! After that, we'll re-evaluate and continue to look for an affordable, bigger place to live.

Until that time, we have a lot going on. For one, we had to reschedule Micah's surgery from June 12th to May 14th. The other night we heard him gasping for air in the monitor. We went into his room and found him choking because his tonsils are so enlarged. He was showing signs of sleep apnea- where a person stops breathing a few times a minute and then gasps for air. It was really scary. I called the surgeon at 10pm and he (thankfully) called me right back. He said there is no quick fix; the only real remedy for chronic enlarged tonsils is to have them removed. The bummer is that the surgery is scheduled for 11:30am - it was the only opening they had in May - and he can't eat anything after midnight the night before. This boy is HUNGRY right when he wakes up every morning, so that will be a challenge. Please pray with us that an earlier time would open up for our boy. I'm sure nobody likes to think about their child having surgery... I trust it will go fine but don't want to see my child have any pain, you know?

So, that will keep us busy for awhile in May, along with a wedding, my sister's graduation from college, Jaden's 2nd birthday, Martin turning 33, etc.... I guess it would have been a really busy month to move anyway :)

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  1. Glad you are able to stay put for now and get that loan off your mind! That's great!! Sleep Apnea is scary stuff - I'll be praying that an earlier slot opens up for the surgeon.