Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am Laughing

Today I am laughing :)  Is it because....

I realized that on TWO different days this week, I was walking around with only ONE silver hoop earring in my ear out in public?  (Sometimes I take one out when I'm napping and then forget about it).

Today at Subway a fireman gave my boys an "honorary fireman" sticker, and Jaden said loudly "But mommy, I'm not a fireman, I'm just a little boy!"

Yesterday a hairdresser from Paris dyed my hair, and I couldn't understand anything she was saying or asking me, even though I pretended I did understand.  But I did get the whole haircolor for FREE courtesy of an ad on Craigslist!!

My wonderful husband let me sleep in on Thursday until 8:36am, even though I needed to be out of the house for MOPS by 8:45am (I don't fault him; he didn't know. Sweet guy!) :)

I took the boys to the park and as we were leaving, I said "Hurry boys, mommy has to get home and go to the bathroom!" and Micah yelled, "Why, mommy? Are you going to poop your pants?"

Yesterday we ate at Chik-Fil-A and found out it was March Madness; we get to go back any day before March is over and get the same meal for FREE!

Indeed, it has been a fun week :)


  1. These were great! Definitely good reasons for some laughing. I laughed out loud when I read what Micah said in that 2nd to last one. :)

  2. My favorite is the line from the park! it made me laugh out loud too! :D

  3. LOL! Those are great stories! I hope this week is just as wonderful for you as last. Love ya!

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