Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Week in Review...

This week Martin went to a conference with the other pastors from our church and was gone from Monday-Tuesday.  Our time at home went well but I am always left more thankful when he returns because he is such a huge help to me (I'm thankful for him for other reasons too, not just that) :)

Our boys have been sick the past few weeks - off and on for a month now.  My big suspicion is that Micah (especially) has allergies.  Every year he has a continual runny/stuffy nose for a few months, usually starting around September.  Sometimes it cause a residual fluid in the ears or cough (as right now), which turns into something worse.  Today he's missing his 2nd day of school in the first month already.   I went and bought some Children's Claritin so we'll see if that helps any today.  What a bummer for him though - he's had so many nights where he can't sleep because of his nose.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for our church women's retreat.  I took a different role this year - overseeing the planning team.  I can truly say that I like this role the best :)   Mainly I have tried to be a big support to the "director" of the team and give the team some direction if needed.  Previously I had planned the entire retreat (the last 2 years) and with two children now, felt that would not be a wise choice.   Many people have no idea the amount of work it takes to put on a retreat, and I just did not have it in me this year.  So, instead I made the retreat programs (a small book we give out), the Powerpoint for worship, and helped do some of the background work (forming small groups and rooming assignments, which is like planning a military mission or something).  Women are hard to work with, that's for sure.  When you are planning groups you have to consider personalities, relationship dynamics, any "issues" going on, introverts/extroverts, and try to make the groups and rooms "balanced".  It is a daunting task at times, and you just have to pray for God's guidance.  Thankfully we have a great group of women and I know it will be a good weekend.  

Please pray for us!!   I will be leading worship Friday night, which I haven't done in a long time, and playing keyboards for worship on Saturday (again, haven't done in over a year, but practice went well).  Please also pray that God keeps the boys healthy as Martin will have them by himself, and has to take them to church for 4 hours on Sunday AND lead worship for 2 services - yikes!  I'll post some pictures when I get back (it goes until Sunday afternoon).

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  1. Ella has major allergies this time of year too - so not fun, but the claritin helps! :) I've done the retreat planning too - tons of work, glad you realized your role should change. It's good for you and the others around you too! Have a great time with all the ladies :)