Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brotherly Love

Tomorrow would have been the day that Micah was going to have surgery.  We are just so relieved and thankful that we are not having to go through that.  Micah is continuing to make so much progress with his speech and language development.  On that note, I recently responded to an advertisement at our speech therapist's office for parents who might want to be on a TV show to talk about their journey through speech therapy.  After 2 interviews, yesterday I got called and asked to be on the show!  So on Friday, March 27th I'll be taping a show as a panelist for "A Place of Our Own" on KCET.  I don't have the air date yet but I'll keep everyone posted!

Micah has really started to grow into the "big brother" role lately.  This week I took them to Kid's Concepts, and I watched Micah help Jaden get down from a ledge in the play structure. He wrapped his little arms around Jaden's waist and helped him get down. It was so cute!  The day before, the boys had been playing outside and it started to rain.  Jaden came inside with his hood on and we said "how did you get your hood on?!" and Micah said "I put it on his head so the rain wouldn't get him wet."  My heart just melted :)   (The funny thing was that Jaden's ears were stuck outside of the hood, so I just had to take a picture).

Today they were playing outside and Jaden threw a ball, and Micah said "You're a big boy, Jaden!" It is fun watching these boys grow up together and seeing how their relationship is growing and changing. I hope they'll always be close! 

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