Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Reality!

Below is a post I started last week while we were at my parent's house. We are now back from our mini-vacation, and we had so much fun. It was hard to come back to reality!! Last Sunday we visited my "home" church; the church I went to in high school and early college. It was so fun running into people I hadn't seen in over 10 years. I was really nervous to go - nervous about how the boys would do in their classes, how I'd feel around people I hadn't seen in so long, etc... but all of that was put to rest the minute we walked in the door. I felt like I was home. After church, three of us couples went out to eat with our six kids in tow, and it was so fun introducing our boys to our friend's kids.

During our trip last week, we also got to spend time with my family, visit with friends, and go to the San Diego Zoo. It was 104 degrees in my parent's city, but thankfully we were able to stay in their air-conditioned home during the afternoon sun. When we came back here, it was 85 degrees out, but felt even hotter inside the house because we have no air conditioning! Go figure...

Here are some pics from the Zoo:

Micah was NOT happy to go on the aereal tram!!

We got a new kitty the day after we came home, too. He is an 8-week old "snuggler" that I found at the shelter. Micah wants to name him Gilbert (after the cat in the the cartoon "Caillou") but I just think this kitty looks like a "Toby!" We joke all day long calling him both names... should I be a good mommy and just let Micah name him? :)

Anyway, here is the post I started last week:

During this trip, Micah has been cracking us up with some things he has said. Here are a few:

On the way down here, we drove by a high school with a large cougar mascot painted on the wall. Micah said "Mommy, do they learn about animals there?"

Sunday morning he woke up and said loudly during breakfast, "Papa's Fat!" and then he started giggling. My dad touched his belly and said "My belly's fat because I ate a little boy!" Micah very seriously replied, "you ate a boy?" My dad said, "Yes. I ate a boy who was naughty." Micah's eyes grew bigger. He could tell that Micah thought this story was true, so he said, "Oh, I'm just joking." Micah replied, "You joked with the boy and then you ate him?!" We might be explaining that one for awhile :)

Micah just told me, "Mommy, you smell like junk!" Somewhere along the way he thought of this saying and now says it at VERY inappropriate times. A friend of mine came over recently to visit with her new baby, and Micah walked over to her and said "You smell like junk!" We can't help but laugh, which only reinforces it. It is pretty funny ;)

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  1. Sounds like a fun visit! Micah is full of great lines :) Have fun with the kitty!!