Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Times with J

Jaden is growing so fast. He is now 2 years and 4 months old, and his vocabulary has just exploded. It is such a different experience from what we had with Micah. At this age (just turned 2), we were just realizing the extent of Micah's speech delay and he could still only say a few words. Jaden, on the other hand, communicates in full sentences and can carry on a lengthy conversation, even telling stories. I think part of this is just growing up with a big brother. He has been watching the video The Letter Factory, and now knows all of the letters and sounds. Yesterday I found him looking at his sippy cup and naming the letters! "The S says sssssss", and he went on to spell SCOOP." I just believe more than ever that we cannot compare kids progress, because they are all so different. There are kids more advanced than Jaden, and I could get sad that he's not at their level. But when I look back at Micah at this age, I am amazed at Jaden's progress. So it's all in perspective.

Jaden is definitely in the "mine" stage. Especially when we are around other kids. He carries his two Thomas trains everywhere, and no matter where we go, if he sees another kid from across the room, he pulls his trains close to him, turns to the side and says "mine!"

Martin took the boys to the park yesterday, and he was swinging Jaden on the swings. Another little boy came to play, and Jaden furrowed his brow and said "Hmph! Mine!" Martin saw that Jaden was looking at the little boy, and Jaden said "playground mine!" Martin said "Jaden, the playground is not yours." "Not my playground?" Jaden replied. "No, it's everyone's playground, Jaden." Jaden said, "everyone's playground? We share?"

Today a little girl named Trinity came over, and Jaden was having trouble sharing. Everything that she wanted to play with, he threw a fit. We think this might partly be because very few toys are actually his; the boys share all of their toys (well, actually, Micah takes all of Jaden's toys, so that makes more sense). Anyway, at dinner I told Jaden, "Jaden, all of our toys are from God. They are God's toys. We are just borrowing them. That is why you need to share with Trinity." Jaden said, "I share with God. I share with Jesus." Not Trinity, just God & Jesus.

Here are a few of Jaden's other favorite sayings:
"I farted!" (followed by tons of giggles)
"I bupped. Excuse me" (followed by tons of giggles)
"Watch The Letter Factory, Mommy?"
"Lay with me mommy! Tell me a story about The Wiggles."
"Micah hut me!"

He talks constantly in the loudest voice possible. He seems to shout every sentence. And because he's still trying to speak correctly, he spits a lot when he's talking, and ends up with drool on his chin. He has grown so much... We love our little "googy"!!!

Here are some older pictures of him and his personality (he STILL has the binky, by the way...):

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