Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Week of School

All week long I have had these posts in my head for this blog, but you know why I haven't posted? Because I promised that on my 190th post I would do another giveaway (great intentions) and then forgot to actually get something to give away!!! Ah, I know my few readers would let me off the hook, but I am a woman of my word, so I have instead procrastinated on blogging so I can come up with a giveaway. Today is my 189th post, so hopefully I will think of something good by my next post!! :)

Let me tell you what this week entailed for us:

-Sunday I preached at church. I spoke on "Resting During the Busy Seasons of Life." This message had been so heavy on my heart that it was just bursting to get out of me. (If you'd like, you can listen to it here.) This Sunday I was nervous, because it was our first week back after 6 weeks and I hadn't seen anyone in so long. Also, there was a new couple at church (maybe more). Why does that make me nervous? Because I know that some people have a problem with women preaching. The first time I gave a sermon, a couple left when they heard I was preaching that morning and eventually left the church (that being one of the smaller issues they had). So, as much as I want to just focus on the message that God laid on my heart, I am well aware that some people have an issue with hearing from a woman, and I never know who might react to that. My pastor is so supportive. His view is that God is the head of the church, not him, and if anyone has a problem with it, they can view him (the pastor) as the "authority" over me. I am so thankful that I have an outlet to use this gift and it is not being suppressed, like so many of my other female friends. Okay. Enough of that for now. I am not one to hotly debate this issue; I am just thankful that I can be free to use the gifts God has given me.

-On another TOTALLY different note, on Micah's first day of school, he did so well. Except that he did not want his picture taken. So I took 3 consecutive pictures of him turning his back to me, and those will have to do for his "first day of school pictures." BUT. That night Martin took the camera to the Dodger game, and it fell out of his bag and we seem to have lost the camera forever. This is devastating to me. Even though Micah's back was turned, it was his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PICTURES!! My only consolation is that he did go to the same preschool last year, so we do still have those pictures. I am still so sad about it though, I can't stop thinking about it. I researched before buying this camera. We saved up. Only $125, mind you, but that's a lot of money to us. There was a 2 gb memory card in there full of pictures and video. To a photographer, this is devastating! I have a trip to Nashville next week (for the National MOPS Convention) and have no camera to take now!! On top of that, I'm getting to see a friend I haven't seen since I was 15 years old. So you can imagine my disappointment. Ugh.

-On ANOTHER TOTALLY different note, today I have to take our new kitten in to the vet. He seems to be sick. He has not been himself and we're a bit concerned. Cha-Ching$$$!!!

-And yet on one more totally different note, I have a dentist appointment on Monday. Where I'm sure she will inform me that I, again, need at least $3000 in dental work, and that my HMO insurance won't cover most of it. I will likely need at least one root canal, along with all 4 wisdom teeth removed, a deep root cleaning, and a few fillings. Yes, this is the typical dentist visit for me, which is precisely why I haven't gone in 3 years. The last time I went, my teeth were chattering because I was so afraid (I'm not lying) and they had to keep my mouth open with a clamp. Oh, and because of my gag reflex, I practically threw up the entire time she worked on me. Please pray for me!!!

This has been week one of the first week of school. Adventurous, yes. Exciting, yes. And a little nerve wracking. And I'm so glad I can share it with each of you :)


  1. Praying that camera turns up...and that you don't gag or puke at the dentists office! ;)

  2. I am SO sorry that you lost your camara...I HATE when that kind of stuff happens!!!