Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Mexican Christmas Eve!

Today I woke up feeling so thankful! It's like Thanksgiving on Christmas Eve! :) Although I am tired, have a sore throat and stuffy nose, this whole past week was worth it. I remember telling God that if He opened up a new house for us to live in, we would want to give it back to Him, to honor Him through our home, and let this be a place where people could come and feel welcome and ministered to. That was able to happen this week. In addition to hosting 3 parties this week, we also decided that on Christmas Eve (today), I would cook up a Mexican fiesta since Martin wants to celebrate his Mexican heritage every Christmas. Since I was already going to be cooking up a storm, we decided to invite our church friends who live in the neighborhood. Just about an hour ago, our home was filled with 12 good friends who all live within a few blocks of our house. We partook in beef & chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, home cooked beans, salad and cookies for dessert. I don't know what was fuller: our hearts, our stomachs or our house!

With all this entertaining going on, it took a very large chunk out of our budget. I was not looking forward to having to cook a meal on Christmas Day, since we decided to stay home this year. Just yesterday we were given a card with a gift in it, which allowed us to go get a Christmas dinner from the Honeybaked Ham store. My favorite!!! So tomorrow I will not have to cook and still get to have a traditional ham & turkey dinner, with almost no preparation. As I was driving to the store I felt like God had given me a Christmas present!!

Not to mention, in one of my last posts (about things I want but have to wait for), one of the things I mentioned was a Wii Fit. Well, another gift allowed us to get a Wii Fit!! It has been so much fun, and also a way to keep all the teenagers entertained when they are visiting us with their parents (okay, it really just keeps the parents entertained while we make all the kids watch us) ;)

Tonight we are heading out to 2 Christmas Eve services at church. I hope your Christmas Eve is beautiful and full of love & joy!

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  1. Merry Christmas Jaimie! It sounds like you have had a busy week but such a blessed week! Love you guys!