Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Meltdowns

Don't let these pictures fool you. We actually had a PERFECT Christmas. Christmas Eve, on the other hand, was a little harder. A few meltdowns, a comment of "I don't want to go to church. I don't like Jesus," some discipline before the service, loud talking during the quiet readings (comments like "is the movie starting yet?!" and "is the movie over now?!" and "can we go home now?!") which caused some heads to turn and people to laugh, a quick exit during a Christmas carol into the nursing mother's room, me leaving the boys in there for 2 minutes so I could grab some toys from the nursery so they could play in there, which turned out NOT to be quiet play, and then another quick exit during a loud Christmas carol into the nursery, where we spend the remainder of the service. I, sitting on a kiddie chair that was about to break, finally watching my kids playing and having fun, instead of sitting in the Christmas Eve service with our church family. Oh well. At least I got to see a few people I love, give them hugs, give out a few gifts, and BE with my church family on Christmas Eve. I knew I was worshipping in my heart. (It was still a bit of a bummer, though). Maybe next year! :)

(Yes, that is Micah plugging his ears because he did not like the music on Christmas Eve. "Hi Everyone!! Pastor's son over HERE!!!") :)

Did I mention that I like to dress my kids alike? Yes, I'm one of THOSE moms. At MOPS one day I heard some ladies making fun of moms like me (all in good fun, of course). I do think they are ever so cute when they are coordinating. Hey, I can dress my kids cute since I don't have a girl, okay? :) But trying to get a picture of them together, dressed in their cute coordinating outfits? Don't even think about it. That tantrum in the first photo is all because I wanted to take a picture of my cute & coordinated boys. Oh well.

Oh, and before I forget, here's our Christmas card (where I did manage to get a picture of my boys in different coordinating outfits!) Merry Christmas!!


  1. How funny...I totally dressed up the girls in the same outfit for Christmas Eve, too! I don't do that very often, but they just looked so cute. :-)

  2. Oh Jaimie I love your Christmas card - the font and sepia photo make me think it is so cool with a touch of vintage feel. Really cute. Sorry about your rough Christmas Eve, but I'm glad you had a great Christmas!