Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

There are a few things I really need right now.  It is frustrating not having the money just to go out and buy them.  I've noticed that when I really need things,  they seem to pile up at one time.  Something breaks, then something else breaks, and pretty soon you're surrounded by broken stuff.   With Christmas right around the corner, we are bombarded by ads telling us what we need and I totally get sucked in.  Here are some of the things I "need" right now:

A new refrigerator.  We do have one, mind you, but I am mad at it right now.  It is a side-by-side refrigerator that has really narrow aisles, so that everything is shoved in there and falls to the floor when I open the door. Ugh!

New dining room chairs.  Here.  Let me illustrate:

(yes, this is what you might call a "reupholster hack job" that I did myself - the cushions are glued to the wood and do not come off).

New clothes.  Yesterday I looked at my outfit and realized that everything I had on was either a hand-me-down, or I got it at Goodwill.  Today I wear a shirt from the "Trash to Treasure" table at MOPS.  Come on, a girl needs some new clothes every once in awhile!!

A Wii Fit.  No really, I need this!! So that I will be motivated to exercise!  Right??!!

A new camera lens.  This should probably be at the top of my list.  I only have one working lens right now and I have a business to run, for pete's sake!

BUT, I have learned in my life that sometimes waiting brings rewards. Good things come to those who wait. We have often waited until the very last minute to buy something we need, until we have saved up enough to get it, and I have done mountains of research to be sure we get the best deal for our money. I really believe that God blesses our desire to be frugal, and when you honor Him with your money, and tithe, the blessings pour on out. Here are a few things we have needed, waited for, and received. For FREE:

This beauty. This is the 3rd car given to us in the past 10 years, and this was a direct answer to prayer. Before we received it, I was pregnant with Jaden and we knew our old car (also a gift) could not handle both car seats (and was starting to break down). This car was a gift from someone at church, who got it detailed, put new tires on it, and had a complete inspection with all repairs paid for right before we got it. By far this has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives.

My ipod. I really wanted one, but didn't have the money, and then I WON one from a blogging contest!!

Our new mini-netbook. We have always wanted a laptop, and have really needed one at times (but have borrowed from willing friends instead when necessary). This came yesterday, free as part of our new phone service contract. We are so excited!!!

There is really no trick to getting things for free- the bottom line is, if we would have purchased these items when we first wanted them, we probably would have never gotten them for free later. There are plenty of things that we still need and probably won't get for free, but I am just reminded that waiting can be worth it. What are you waiting for?


  1. Great post! I'm with you on NEEDING some new clothes. Seriously. And a WII and a camera lens. Well, a camera first, and then a lens. :D
    I love that you got some things for free (especially when they come from someone that gave them away). Good things DO come to those who wait. I wanted to buy a house, in san diego, when we first moved here, in 2005. You know, the peak of the market. By waiting, we ended up in a bigger house and close to a job that B loves. And hopefully a city where you might live someday! Yay God! :D

  2. I too really enjoyed this post! Oh so many things I think I need. I'll admit I just slurged on some new clothes when I went to the city shopping with some friends, but I'm having some buyers remorse (still love the clothes, just don't think I should have spent the $$) and will probably be taking them back. So awesome about the car and other free things you've received!

    I haven't posted about it yet but I JUST (Sat. night) received a FREE 1yr. subscription to Clickin Moms from a blog giveaway and just last week I was coveting this (I know, I'm a sinner) and couldn't bring myself to spend the $$. So excited and can't wait to join this group! I never thought I'd win any giveaways and now I've won 3 in the last month (starting with yours I might add - thank you!)!

  3. Yes, waiting can definitely be worth it! Isn't there a saying "good things come to those who wait?" Well, that's certainly true sometimes, isn't it? You can't beat FREE! I love it when God surprises me with something He knows I've been needing!

  4. You are an inspiration to me in this area...I don't think I am an impulse shopper, but there have been plenty of times that I have purchased something and really haven't done all the research I should have. Oh...what a hard lesson to learn sometimes...May God richly reward you guys and provide ALL you need this Christmas, Jaimie!!! I always love hearing your stories on how God has so provided for you guys.