Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Fun Week in Review

This past week has been so busy but fun. This morning we were supposed to go to the Farmer's Market for our monthly church staff get together, but I opted to stay home and rest instead.  I'm so thankful for Martin, who took the boys with him so that I could have 2 hours of peace.

On Friday we went to Disneyland again for a few hours - always so much fun!!!

Oh, and check out this 3 year old girl who was having a birthday party, escorted around the park by Mary Poppins and Bert, followed by a marching band and a fairy godmother.  Okay.  Honestly?!

On Saturday we had a yard sale that was really small, and I was hoping to come away with $100.  We actually made $200 and sold almost everything!!  Now we are going to get Jaden a twin sized mattress to replace his toddler mattress that he's been sleeping on on the bottom bunk (surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals to fill the space) :)

Saturday night we had some friends come over, along with my sister and Mike, who is staying with us.

On Sunday we had church and then celebrated my beautiful friend Laura's birthday.

On Monday, I took Mike all over town to run errands.  We had a good talk and I found out his life story. He has gone through a lot and had to grow up very young.  Thankfully he got hired yesterday and started his new job this morning.  He will be a sign twirler on the street for a business :)  Hey, it's something, right?!  And it actually pays well!   It has been weird not to be in our normal routine since he's been here, but he is not a burden at all.  We enjoy having him around; it is just an adjustment getting used to another person living in your house.  He is great with the boys and they love entertaining him.  Please continue to pray for him; he will be here for a month.

Excuse me now while I run and grab breakfast while I still have a few moments to enjoy!!!

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  1. That's wonderful about Mike's job Jaimie! What a fun week - you played while I tortured myself LOL! Love the post -and you!